Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


7. 7.`

*Two months later*

Zoe's POV:

It has been two months since I have seen Michael in person and I miss him so much. But I get to see him real soon because I'm finally going to talk to Joe about getting demoted or moved back to Australia and only come back to do big jobs. I walked into the building and knocked on Joe's door and waited for him to say come in.

''Zoe what can I do for you today?'' he asked.

''I actually need to talk to you about my job'' I replied.

''sure come in and sit down'' he said.

so I did. I sat in front  of his table.

''what's on your mind?'' he asked.

''I was wondering is there anyway that I could possibly move back to Australia to be with my family as in me getting demoted?'' I asked him.

''yes you can but that would mean we lose the best of the best'' he replied.

''I know unless I can move to Australia and come back for major jobs?'' I asked.

''you know what Zoe? normally we don't do that but because your the best of the best we can allow it'' he replied.

''Really?'' I asked thinking he was joking.

''I'm deadly serious'' he replied.

''thank you so, so much'' I replied.

''not a problem we will keep in touch'' he replied and I walked out to pack my bags and head on a plane to go home.

*Hours later*

Zoe's POV still:

finally I'm  home in Australia. I collected my bags and waited for a taxi to take me to Michael's house. When I arrived I payed the taxi driver and got out of the taxi with my bags. I pulled out my phone and called Michael.

{M=Michael, Z=Zoe}

M: hey babe

Z: Hey Michael

M: I miss you

Z: I miss you two babe but I have some good news

M: really and what would that be?

Z: how would you feel if I tell you I have figured a way that I can move back to Australia?

M: that would be wonderful. You could move in with me.

Z: I'm glad to here that because I would have no where to stay.

M: When are you coming?

Z: Look outside

M: Ok hang on.

(he opened the curtain and saw me and hung up)

as soon as he hung up he ran outside to me and I ran to him and jumped on him and we kissed.

''I missed you so, so much'' I said breaking away from the kiss.

''I missed you too'' I replied and kissed him again.

i got down and Michael helped me carry my bags inside and when we were inside the house we locked lips again and made our way up to his bed room and lets say we had sex.

Michael's POV:

after getting the phone call from Zoe made me really happy and just having her tonight has made my night.

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