Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


6. 6.

*7 months later*

Zoe's POV:

The tour is over next month and everything has been good between Michael and me. But when the tour is over he will be back in Australia. I mean long distance relationships work out yea? well I'm determined to make it work. I would talk to my boss when I get back to talk about my career. I don't want to be apart from Michael but I would if I stay in London. I have lost him once and I will not lose him again.

''Babe what are you thinking about?'' Michael asked.

'' our relationship when the tour is over. I just don't want to lose you again'' I replied.

''Babe you will not lose me again because I love you and we can sought something out and we can make a long distance relationship work'' Michael said.

''I know. I'm just making sure'' I said.

''I love you'' Michael said.

''and I love you too babe'' I replied.

''ok you two let Michael get back to work'' their manager James said so I let him go back to work.

*One month later*

Zoe's POV:

today is the last day of the tour when everyone goes home. The day I have been dreading. We are currently at the airport waiting for Luke, Calum, Ashton, Amy, Monica and Michael to get on their plane when a voice came on the speaker

''Quantus 4789 from London to Australia is now boarding''

'' Well that is us bye guys, bye Zoe'' Luke said.

''Bye Luke'' I replied giving him a hug.

''Bye Zobo'' Ashton said. Yes he gave me his own nickname for me.

''Bye Ash'' I replied and gave him a hug.

''Bye Zoe'' Calum said.

''Bye Cal'' I replied.

''Bye babe be safe and see you soon'' Amy said.

''alright babe look after the boys and Monica'' I replied.

''of course'' she replied and I gave her a hug.

''Bwy Aunty Zoe'' Monica said.

''Bye Mon. i'll see you soon baby girl I promise'' I replied and picked her up and gave her a hug.

''Bye babe. I'll miss you'' Michael said.

''I'll miss you two babe but we will see each other soon I promise'' I replied and hugged and kissed him. He started to walk away when I ran up and jumped on him.

''I love you'' I said.

''I love you too boo'' he replied and kissed me one last time



A/N:  Sorry for not updating guys but I kind of ran out of ideas. this chapter is shitty by just work with me


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