Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


5. 5.

Michael's POV:

I woke up due to the sun beaming into the room. I rolled over to Zoe and kissed her cheek  and she woke up

''Good Morning Sunshine'' I said to her.

''Good Morning babe'' She replied and we kissed.

when someone knocked on the door. I got up to get it and it revealed Niall and Paul.

''Hey guys'' I said.

''hey Michael we brought you and Zoe breakfast'' Niall said.

''Thanks man'' I replied and took the bag of food from him. Zoe and I ate our breakfast.

''so what is the plan for today?'' Zoe asked.

''well Luke, Calum, Ashton and I have an interview today and then a concert later on'' I replied.

''Wow sounds like fun'' she said.

''not really when I just want to spend the day with you'' I said.

''aww that's so cute but it is your job babe'' she said.

''I know I just rather spend my days with you baby'' I replied and kissed her which turned into a full make out session, when someone opened the door.

''Hey Michael are you-oh wow sorry guys maybe we should've knocked'' Luke said.

''it's ok anyway what's up?'' I asked.

''we were coming to get you for the interview because we are leaving now'' Calum said.

''alright'' I said to them and then I gave Zoe a kiss bye and then left with the boys.

Zoe's POV:

After Michael left I headed over to Amy and Monica's room.

''ZOOEEEE'' Amy yelled.

''MONICAAAA'' I replied and she ran up to me and hugged me.

''hey Zoe'' Amy said.

''Hey Amy. do you want to watch the boys on TV for their interview?'' I asked her.

''I was going to ask you the same thing'' she replied so we sat down on the couch and turned on the TV and waited for the boy's interview.

''Alright now let's give it up for Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer'' the interviewer said and the crowd went wild.

''hey guys'' the all said together.

''I know you guys just got here but how does it feel to be back on tour with One Direction? you guys seem pretty close'' the interviewer said.

''I think I can say this for the band and me but we just love touring with the boys. Especially Niall'' Ashton said.

''yea Niall is a funny lad'' Calum said.

''that's good and you guys also enjoy the boys so how is everyone's love life? Michael a source has sent in a photo of you kissing the photographer Ms Zoe Mason care to explain?'' The interviewer asked and it showed Michael and I kissing at the mall the other day.

''sure Zoe and I were engaged two years ago but then got promoted for her job so we decided to give us a break but then a couple days ago we decided to get back together'' Michael replied.

''Is Niall upset that you are dating his ex?'' the interviewer said which is unessary for an interview.

''no he is fine with it'' Michael replied.

''anyway Ashton how is the Amy and Monica?'' the interviewer asked.

''they are really good actually'' Ashton replied.

''that's good. So anyone for you Luke and Calum?'' the interviewer asked them.

''Actually yes her name is Ashley'' Luke said.

''is she pretty?'' the interviewer asked.

''very'' he replied.

''Calum?'' The interviewer asked.

''I'm single and ready to mingle'' Calum replied and everyone laughed.

''well there you have it girls three out of four 5 Seconds of Summer band members taken. After the break we will be back with One Direction'' the interviewer said and then they went  to the commercial.

Michael's POV:

''that was really personal what she asked you Michael''  Liam said.

''Yea but oh well. what is done is done'' I replied.

When the interviews were finished we all went back to the hotels and had showers before heading to the Arena.


A/N: Hey guys shitty chapter but I'm sorry. As they say it gets worse before it gets better haha.


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