Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


2. 2.

Michael's POV:

on the way to Zoe's I was trying to think of things to say and tell her how much I love her and to see if she loves me or has feelings for me still. I pulled up to her driveway and she lived in a nice house. I turned off the car and slowly made my way to the door. I knocked on the door and a few minutes later Zoe opened the door.

''Michael what are you doing here?'' she asked.

Zoe's POV:

I heard a knock on my door and I was wondering who it could be. I opened the door and saw the face I thought I would never see again Michael.

''Michael what are you doing here?'' I asked.

''this'' he replied and pulled me into him for a kiss. I kissed back. he came in and closed the door and slammed me against the wall and made his way down my neck and I let out a moan.

''where is your room?'' he asked me.

''upstairs the first room on the left'' I replied.

''jump then'' he said and that is what I did I jumped and wrapped my legs around him. he walked up the stairs and into my room. he threw me on the bed and took his shirt off and then I took my shirt off. He unclasped my bra and took off his pants leaving him in only his boxes and then me in my undies.

''hang on'' I said as I reached for my night stand and pulled out a condom.

''for safety'' I said as I handed it to him. he put it on and took off my underwear and then we all know where this leads.

*skip sex scene*

''I missed you Zoe'' Michael said panting.

''I missed you too Michael and I'm sorry for breaking your heart'' I replied.

''it's all in the past. Zoe I just wanted you to know I still love you and I was hoping that we could give us another chance?'' Michael asked.

''I still love you too Michael and I would be honoured'' I replied and he pulled me in for a kiss.

''do you want to stay tonight?'' I asked him.

''I would love to but we have an interview early in the morning'' he replied.

''oh ok'' I replied. we both got up and changed. When we finished getting changed I kissed Michael goodbye and then he left.

Michael's POV:

I left Zoe's place and headed back to the hotel. when I got to the hotel I walked into our room.

''someone got lucky and took him back'' Luke said.

''how do you know?'' I asked.

''he isn't denying it and because you have a hickey on your neck and you have sex hair'' Luke replied.

''ok you got me we are back together'' I said.

''Awww so cute to have Moe back haha'' Ashton said.

A/N Sorry about Short chapter guys but here you go.


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