Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


16. 16.

*5 years later*
Zoe's POV:

''you look very pretty mummy'' 5 year old Rosie said.

''thank you baby'' i replied and kissed her forehead.

''she is right you look really pretty Zoe'' Ashton said coming into the room.

''What are you doing in here?'' i asked Ashton.

''well as his best man Michael told me to come in here to see that your not going to run away'' Ashton replied.

That's right today is my special day. The day i officially become Mrs Michael Clifford.

''Tell him that is silly talk'' i said.

''Will do by the way you do look pretty'' Ashton said and walked out.

Let me catch you up on what happened the past 5 years. Luke and Lucy got married two weeks ago. Calum and Monique are engaged with a child on the way. Ashton and Amy are as strong as ever with there little boy Copper who is 5 years old and Monica who now i think is 7 years old now. Michael and i have 5 year old Rose and a 2 year old Louise who was our surrogate. After the birth of Rose and the complications i couldn't get pregnant so one of my long time friends who i have never mentioned decided to help us out. Zac (Zoe's brother) and his girlfriend Hollie are pregnant with my first niece or nephew. As for the band 5 Seconds of Summer they decided to quit last year because it was too much for Michael and Ashton with us having families but they are still the best of friends

''Oh my god look at how my baby girl'' My mum cried.

''you look beautiful baby girl'' my dad said.

''thanks daddy and mum don't cry i will still be your girl'' i said to them and hugged them.

''what about me?'' my sister said she is now 13 years old.

''you will always be mum's and dads' baby girl forever'' i said and gave her a hug. and then i knew it was time to go down the Isle. Monica and Rose were our flour girls. My made of honour was Amy of course. Brides maids are Lucy, Monique, Perrie, Eleanor and Mel the person who carried Louise for 9 months. That's right the one direction boys were here with their wife's and fiancés.

''I do'' i said as Michael slipped the ring on my finger.

''I do'' Michael said as i slipped on his ring on his finger.

''i may now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride'' The priest said and we did.

''Now give a round of applause for Mr and Mrs Michael Clifford'' the priest said and then we walked out.

''I love you forever Zoe'' Michael said.

''I'll always love you Michael'' and then we kissed again as one. One of the happiest days of my life.

The End


A/N: Well guys that is the end of Can We Try Again? I hope you liked the ending. I dad a really good time writing it. If you liked this book you can also read one of my other books. Thanks Guys

Zoe xx

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