Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


15. 15

*Two months later*

Michael's POV:

It's been two months since i proposed to Zoe and 5 months since rose was born and in that time we moved into our new house, Ashton and Amy found out that they are having another child and she is almost 3 months pregnant, Calum finally got himself a girlfriend named Lucy and Luke has a girlfriend named Monique and they are both very nice. The paps found out that Zoe and I are engaged and we had a baby but they don't know her name thank god. Also Zac (Zoe's brother) who is 17 years old and his girlfriend Hollie also 17 years old are having a baby. (A/N: I know i haven't added Zac in any other chapters but hey here he is now). Tonight Zoe, Ashton, Amy and myself are going o n a double date. Zac and Hollie are babysitting Monica and Rose with the help of Zoe's mum to practise for their own child.

''Babe you almost ready?'' i yelled up to Zoe.

''Yes i'm ready i'm coming now'' she replied.

and just as that she came down the stairs and we locked the house when Zoe said

''have you set the alarm incase someone tries to break in again''. We had someone break in before last month when Zoe got another text from anonymous saying

''it's was my turn to strike. Just lucky Rose wasn't in the house. Next time it would be worse''

''yes i did now come on we will be late'' i said and we got in the car and picked up Ashton and Amy. We went to the movies and saw If I stay. The girls made us see it and it was a bit sad. Then we went for a late dinner and then headed back to our house because Amy and Ashton were staying with us tonight so it would be easier to pick up the kids in the morning.

Zoe's POV:

at last Amy and I made the boys watch If i stay watched was a good but sad movie. The boys go on a three month tour next month which Amy and i are fine with because we have each other.

''Boys'' i said.

''yeah?'' they replied with their eyes still glued to the game they were playing.

''can you run to the store and get some ice cream and popcorn for our movie and Amy wants some pickles Ashton'' i said they groaned but said.

''give us a minute'' and then they left.

about 30 minutes since the boys left and i felt like someone was watching us.

''so have you heard anything else from anonymous?'' Amy asked.

''not this month and it is kind of creeping me out'' i replied.

''that is understandable'' Amy said and then we heard a thump coming from upstairs.

I carefully walked over to the stairs and told Amy to stay where she was.

''Anyone up there?'' i yelled and got nothing and the I heard another thump from up there. I ran back to Amy and called Michael.

''Babe we have only be gone for 30 minutes'' Michael said.

''Don't worry about that we need you to come back please'' i said.

''why? Is everything ok?'' he asked.

''no we are scared. We heard thumps from upstairs but nothing was there'' i said and the lights went out and Amy screamed.

''Michael the lights just went out please hurry'' i said.

''we will be there in 10'' he said and the hung up the phone.

I grabbed a baseball bat from behind the door when my phone vibrated telling me i got a message.

''haha do i have you scared now? this is my big chance hahaha''

''Amy outside now'' i told her and she headed for the door but ran into someone and she screamed. I turned around and saw the face i never hoped to see.

''Hello Zoe. Miss me?'' Daniel said.

''how the fuck did you find me?'' i asked.

''who did you think sent you those messages?'' i heard another voice and i turned around and it was Kelly.

''what are you doing out of Jail?'' i asked the both of them.

''it's called break out'' Daniel said. I saw head lights in the driveway and i knew the boys were back. Daniel came inside with Amy and Kelly held me when Ashton and Michael came in.

''Oi let go of them now'' Michael said.

''hello pretty boy miss me?'' Kelly said.

''no i didn't now let my fiancé go'' Michael said.

''oh i would but that would be to easy for her to hit me with a baseball bat'' Kelly said.

That is when Michael charged at Kelly and Ashton did the same with Daniel. Daniel let Amy go and Kelly let me go. I took Amy upstairs into our secret room for emergencies and told her to stay here and walked down to help the boys. i grabbed the baseball bat from the ground and hit Daniel. Michael ended up getting Kelly unconscious and helped Ashton and me with Daniel.

''Why didn't you stay with Amy?'' Michael said.

''because you guys needed my help more'' i replied. That is when Daniel knocked Ashton to the floor and pulled out a knife and stabbed Michael in the stomach and then grabbed me.

''MICHAEL'' i yelled and he was laying on the floor in blood.

''let go of me you bastard'' i said and he pulled me closer to him and held the knife to my thought and just like that i heard sirens and the cops came in with guns.

''Let her go or else'' one of the cops said.

''or what you'll shoot me? please you can't shoot me because i have her in front of me'' Daniel said.

''put the knife down and let her go'' the officer said.

''Alright fine i'm not going to get out of this one'' he said and let me go but before he did he dug the knife into my side and made cut in my side. I heard gun shots and everything went in slow motion. i saw Daniel die in front of me and i crawled over to Michael and layed there and then everything went black.

I woke up in a hospital bed next to Michael.

''your awake how do you feel?'' the doctor asked me.

''like shit. How long has it been?'' i asked.

''it's been about two days'' he replied.

''Two days?'' i asked.

''yes'' he replied.

''How is Michael?'' i asked.

''Mr Clifford lost a lot of blood like you but he is fine and is awake'' the doc replied.

''is my family outside?'' i asked.

''yes and i shall send them in'' he replied and shortly after that my mum, Amy came in with Rose and the other boys came in.


A/N: So there was a lot going on in this last chapter and i'm sorry for it to seem so borning if it sounded boring to you. I didn't know how to end it  but anyway I'll post the epilogue tomorrow thanks Zoe xx

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