Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


14. 14.

*One Week Later*

Zoe's POV:

Finally after one week i finally go home with Rose and leave to go home.

''Ready to go home babe?'' Michael asked.

''More than ready Mickey'' i replied and pecked his lips and then Michael finished packing the nappy bag wile i got Rose and then we walked to the car and drove home. After about 15 minutes with a lot of bumps and me going ouch we finally get home. Michael grabbed Rose out of the baby seat while I slowly got out of the car because i'm in a lot of pain because i had a C-section and got inside.

''Are you ok babe?'' Michael asked.

''Yea I'm getting there'' i replied.

''ok well lets get you up to bed because your on bed rest for another week'' Michael said and lifted me up the stairs and put me in our bed which for now has Roses bed in it when Michael's phone started to ring so he walked out of the room not looking impressed which means it's his manager James or someone he doesn't want to talk to. After a few minutes Michael came back in the room and said

''James is coming over to talk to us about something''

''i really hope your not going on another tour because you have only been home for a week and we have rose and i cannot take care of her myself at the moment'' i said.

''it shouldn't be anything like that'' he said.

''ok i hope your right'' i said. Michael than sat on the bed next to me with Rose because she was crying because she was due to be fed and we watched TV until the doorbell rang. Michael went down to answer it and came up with James but by the times James got here i finished breast feeding.

''Hi Zoe how are you?'' James asked.

''I'm getting there James'' i replied.

''that's good and i take it this is baby Clifford?'' he asked.

''Yes this is Rose'' i replied.

''hello Rose'' he said to Rose.

''how cam we help you?" I asked when Michael came and sat down next to me.

''It's about the band and tours'' James replied.

''If you are sending the boys on tour in the next three months I won't let that happen because i need Michael here to help me look after Rose through the first three hardest months'' i said.

''I understand Zoe and that is what I'm here about. The boys have 6 months off from tours so Michael can help look after Rose'' James said.

''Fantastic news'' I said.

''that is really great thank you James'' Michael said.

''It's alright. That is what we did with Ashton when Monica came into the world'' James said and then left. I then got a text from and anonymous person saying

''Congratulations on baby Rose Zoe. I bet you would be proud. Now the fun can rally begin. I told you i will be watching you and now i can start messing with you haha. bye bye for now xx''

I showed Michael the text message and he said.

''It will be fine we have an alarm system that is really good and you have the boys and me''

''ok. I'm just scared for Rose'' i said.

''i know babe i know'' he said. The rest of the day consisted Michael looking after me and helping me look after Rose.



*3 monthslater*

Michael's POV:

It has been three months since my little baby was brought into the world and i couldn't be more happier. Zoe seems a lot more happier and today I'm going to propose to her again. We have  been going to the park near us and looking at houses. We actually brought a really nice house just around the corner from Ashton and Amy's place. We have also been going to the park right near our new home in which we move in tomorrow and we already have everything packed and ready to be moved. It is around 3pm and we are on the way to the park as usual and that is when I'm going to propose to her. When we got to the park Zoe took Rose out of the pram and went over to the swing. Zoe sat down on the swing and put Rose on her lap and looked up at me with Rose and said

''Rose look at daddy. Daddy has the camera''

''Hi Rosie bear'' i said and she giggled at her nickname. Ever since that last text message Zoe received from the anonymous person she has me recording everything we do and says when were done with the footage she will edit it and make a video along with the recordings Zoe took of her growing belly and sent to me through text when i was on tour.  Zoe put Rose back in the pram when  i grabbed her hand and asked someone to record this.

''What's up?'' she asked.

''I have been meaning to do this since Rose was born but I couldn't find the right time to do it so here it goes'' I said and got down on one knee.

''Zoe this is the second and hopefully the last time i will do this but from when i meet you day one at the beach i fell in love with you. I proposed more romantically the first time and i thought this way was cuter. I love you with all my heart and I'm really happy that you have brought my little baby girl in to the world three months ago'' by this time Zoe had tears of joy in her eyes with her hand over her heart.

''Zoe will you marry me?'' i asked.

''of course i would Michael. I love you for ever and always'' she said.

''to the moon and back'' i replied and slipped the ring on to her finger and kissed her and spun her around and then we walked back home when I got the camera back. 



A/N: Isn't Michael the cutest? Any way after this chapter i have decided that there is one more Chapter than an epilogue. Yes this is a short book Zoe xx

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