Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


13. 13.

*Two months Later (8 months pregnant)*

Michael's POV:

It has been so long since I have seen Zoe about 3 months ago to be exact and I really miss her. I'm in a taxi on the way to my house and to surprise Zoe because she thinks i com back tomorrow. I paid the taxi driver and entered the house to find Zoe asleep on the lounge with her big belly. I gentally put my bags on the floor and made my way over to the lounge. I kissed her lips and she woke up immediately and hit me.

''Ouch'' i said.

''Oh Michael I'm sorry are you alright?'' she asked.

''at least now i know you can defend yourself'' i replied.

''I'm sorry babe i wasn't expecting you tonight'' she defended herself.

''i know babe it's alright. I wanted to surprise you'' i said.

''well you did surprise me'' she said.

''i missed you so much'' i said.

''i missed you more'' she replied and we kissed and then she yawned.

''are you tired babe?'' i asked her.

''yea just a bit'' she replied.

''i don't blame you it is 11pm'' i said.

''alright I'm going to bed. Are you coming?'' she asked.

''yes I'm just going to turn on the alarm system and then i'll be up'' i replied.

''at least now i can get a good night sleep'' she said and walked off to bed. I set the alarm and went to bed myself.

*Two hours later* Zoe's POV:

I was asleep when i started to get really bad back pain which felt like someone stabbing me with a knife and i couldn't move and then i started whimpering.

''Michael'' i said and he didn't wake up. Once i could move i decided to go to the bathroom because i felt like i needed to pee. I made it half way before the pain came back and i was on the floor.

''MICHAEL'' i screamed and he shot right up and ran over to me.

''what's wrong babe?'' he asked.

''i don't know i have really bad pain and i can barely move'' i replied.

''do you think you could be in labour?'' he asked.

''maybe i just don't know. I just want my mum'' i replied.

''ok first thing first we have to get you to a hospital. can you walk to the car?'' he asked me.

''i can barely move'' i replied.

''ok I'm calling an ambulance'' he said and ran down to get his phone and dial triple zero.

''ok babe they should be here soon'' he said and then i screamed.

''can you just call my mother please?'' i asked.

''yes i'll get your phone'' he said and walked over to my phone and dialled my mums number and put it on loud speaker.

''Baby what's up?'' My mum asked tiredly meaning i woke her up.

''Mummy'' i cried.

''Baby can you hear me what's wrong?'' she asked.

''i think she is in labour she can't move and she is in a lot of pain'' Michael replied.

''are you headed to the hospital?'' she asked./

''we are waiting for an ambulance to come and get her because she cannot move. They should be here any minute'' Michael replied.

''ok we are leaving now we'll meet you there'' she replied and hung up. the next thing I know ambulance officers came in and helped me onto the gurney and rushed me to the hospital and put an oxygen mask on me.

''ok I'm taking it you are the baby's father?'' one of the officers asked Michael.

''yes I'm Michael'' he replied.

''ok and what is her name?'' he asked.

''Zoe'' Michael replied.

''ok Zoe just breathe you are doing fine. You are in labour'' he said and i just nodded and concentrated on my breathing but then a few minutes later we arrived at the hospital and they put me into a room and then a doctor examined me.

''ok Zoe your 5cm dilated only 5 more to go before you can push'' the doc said and i just nodded and then the doc left the room.

''Michael if something happens to me or the baby where both our lives are in risk please promise me that you will save the child'' i said.

''Zoe nothing is going to happen you will be fine'' he replied.

''i mean it promise me'' i said.

''i promise'' he replied and kissed my forehead and then my parents came in.

''My baby girl. How are you doing?'' my mum asked.

''i'm so freaking sore'' i replied.

''i know baby girl i know'' she replied and kissed my forehead.

*Hours Later*

it has been countless hours later. And everyone is here from the boys and Amy to Amy's parents and Michaels parents and i can finally push. i have sent everyone out of the room besides Michael's Mum, my mum and Michael. I started to push when the doctor told me to stop.

''what's wrong? is the baby ok?'' i asked.

''the baby is in distress and we need to do an emergency C-section now. Only the father of the baby is allowed in we have to move her now'' the doctor said and then they rushed me to surgery. they gave me an antiseptic and then begun surgery.

Michael's POV:

when we were told Zoe had to be rushed to surgery i was freaking out. When we got to surgery they gave her an antiseptic and begun surgery. About an hour later our little girl was delivered and we got to hold her and then the machine that Zoe was on started beeping.

''She has lost a lot of blood. Sir you need to get out of here'' the doctor said.

''what no she is the love of my life'' i replied.

''sir take your baby and leave until we call you in'' the doctor said so i did what i was told to do. I walked back to the waiting room with my little girl in my arms and everyone surrounded me.

''Aww she looks so cute. How is Zoe?'' her mum asked.

''Uh Zoe is still in surgery'' i replied.

''what happened? is she ok?'' Amy asked.

''she lost a lot of blood during surgery and the machine started beeping'' i replied and started to cry and so did her mum.

An hour later the doctor came out.

''Mr Clifford'' she said.

''yes?'' i replied.

''you may now see Zoe'' she said.

I passed my little girl to Zoe's mum and followed the doctor into Zoe's room. When we got to the room Zoe was on the bed asleep. I walked next to her and kissed her forehead and she opened her eyes.

''hey babe'' i said.

''hi'' she replied weakly.

''you gave ma a heart attack'' i said.

''i know. I'm sorry'' she said.

''its alright babe you here now'' i said and sat next to het on the bed and then everyone walked into the room with out Rose (We decided her name was Rose).

''where is Rose?'' i asked Tina.

''the doctors took her to check her and clean her up'' she replied.

''ok'' i said.

about 10 minutes later the doctor came in with Rose and handed her to me.

''she is a healthy little girl'' the doc said.

''thanks doc'' i said.

''we'll be back when it is a little less crowded and write up the birth certificate'' The doc said.

''ok'' we both said.

*3 Hours later* Still Michael's POV:

by now it is 4pm and everyone pretty much have left. It was only just Zoe, Rose and me. i sat on the bed next to Zoe with Rose in my arms when the doctor came in.

'' Zoe how are we?'' she asked.

''I'm just sore'' Zoe replied.

''that is to be expected. Now lets get to the birth certificate''she said.

''What's up?'' i asked.

''first thing first we will start on the birth certificate. What is the baby's first name?'' she asked.

''Rose'' i replied.

''ok what is her middle name?'' she asked.

''Maree'' i replied.

''and what is Rose's last name?'' she asked.

''Clifford'' i replied.

''ok good, good. You can go home in a week Zoe'' the doc said.

''thank you'' Zoe said and she walked out.

''she is so beautiful'' Zoe said.

''just like her mummy'' i said and kissed Zoe's forehead.



A/N: Hey guys sorry i haven't uploaded in a long time but i have been working a lot and sorting out University stuff. Plus i just got back from Queensland so bare with me guys. Also this book has about 2 or 3 more chapters left and an epilogue. Once this book is finished I'm going to complete my other books that haven't been completed and hopefully start on a new one i have had an Idea for. Please enjoy the stories and i'll update soon.


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