Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


12. 12

Zoe's POV:

Today is the day when Michael leaves for his tour which means i'll be by myself. I got out of bed to pee in the bathroom and when I went back into our room there was l letter on the night stand addressed to me. Michael is still sound asleep since it is only 5am and his light leaves at 8am. I picked up the letter and opened it. It said

''well, well, well it looks like I didn't do a good job then. Your still alive and your still pregnant. Hahaha if you think that is the last attempt on me ending your life think again. You know me really well. Too bad your pretty little boyfriend won't be here for it. In the mean time take care.

Anonymous xxx''

Who the hell would try and hurt me? this must be a prank played by someone. How did they get into our house? What if they are still here? I started to get scared and I decided to wake Michael up.

''What's up babe?'' he said and looked at me and as soon as he looked at me his face went from sleepy to worried.

''Babe what's wrong your shaking!'' He said and I handed him the letter and he read it.

''Michael I'm scared. What if they are still in the house? How did they get in? How long were they here?'' I started to panic.

''babe calm down if you panic then you start to stress and stress isn't good for the baby'' Michael said.

''I know but I can't help it. Your gone on your tour today for a month and i'll be here scared to death'' I said.

''ok i'll call James and tell him that I'm not leaving'' Michael said.

''No it is your job you need to'' I said.

''but your scared to be here by yourself'' Michael said.

''i'll stay at my parents for a few nights and then i'll talk to Amy about staying with her'' I said.

''fine but if their is any problems i'll be on the next flight here'' Michael said.

''alright'' I replied and then climbed back into bed and we cuddled for a bit until the alarm went off for him to get up.

Michael got up and got ready and before I knew it he left for his flight. I would have gone with him but being almost 5 months pregnant I was starting to show more and more and I didn't want to put up with the paps. After he left I locked all the doors and windows of the house and had a knife with me just to be safe. I decided to call Amy and ask if she could come around with Monica and she said yes. About 20 minutes later I heard the doorbell. I looked through the whole in the door (the thing you look through before opening the door) and it was Amy with Monica. I unlocked the door and they came in.

''Hey beautiful. What's up? You sounded urgent on the phone'' Amy said.

''hey babe and it is come and sit down'' I said and she did with one tired Monica in her arms and sat down but not before putting Monica on the other lounge.

''ok I was wondering if you and Monica could stay here tonight'' I asked.

''of course we can but why?'' she replied.

''because this morning before he left to go on tour with the boys I received a letter on my night stand from an unknown person. You remember how I was shot and in hospital last week?'' I asked her and she nodded. ''Well it was from him or her'' I said and showed her the letter and she looked petrified.

''Did Michael know about this?'' Amy asked.

''yes he did and he wouldn't go on tour but I convinced him to'' I replied.

''sure we will stay here with you'' she replied.

''thank you. Before Michael left he called a guy to put the alarm system in this home'' I said.

''ok good'' she said.

We watched TV when an interview staring 5SOS in it we watched it.

''So welcome guys to E! News'' the interviewer said.

''Its a pleasure to be here'' Luke said.

''ok so you guys are on tour promoting for your new album. Am I correct?'' the interviewer asked.

''yes that is correct'' Michael said.

''ok so tell us about the new album'' thee interviewer said.

''ok well obviously this is our new album and it is a bit personal to some of us'' Calum said and looked towards Michael.

''yea its a bit personal but we have been writing this album for nearly a year'' Michael said.

''and that is all we are saying expect buy the album when it comes out next month'' Luke said.

''ok now for the details. Ashton how is your beautiful wife and child?'' the interviewer asked.

''she is very good thank you and so is Monica. Amy if your watching I love you'' Ashton replied and the crowd awed.

''Michael is it true that you and your Mrs are expecting a child soon?'' the interviewer asked.

''yes it is true and I just wanted to say Zoe I love you and I miss you already'' Michael replied and everyone awed again.

''That's good to hear and congratulations so that is the end of today's show. thank you boys for being part of the show and Michael good luck with parenting your going to need it'' the interviewer said.

''thank you'' Michael replied and that was the end of that. The alarm system guys came and installed our alarm so we are set for tonight. Amy quickly went home to collect some clothes for her and Monica because they are staying for a week and then I'm at my parents for a week then I'm at Amy's and home for a week.

*one month later*

Zoe's POV:

I'm at home now and Michael should be coming back tomorrow I hope. I haven't heard anything else for this anonymous  person but I have had a feeling like someone is watching me the entire time. At the moment I am currently 5 and a half months pregnant and at home on the lounge thinking if I should get up or not. Since i'm getting bigger its getting harder to get up on my own and I feel lonely which is not a good feeling but then my phone rang and I knew it was Michael.

''Hey babe'' I said.

''Hey Zoe'' he replied.

''what's wrong?'' I asked.

''what makes you think something is wrong?'' he replied.

''you said my name not babe or baby'' I said.

''oh yea haha. Um about me coming home tomorrow the Uh tour has been extended for another month or two'' he said nervously.

''WHAT?'' I yelled into the phone.

''I'm sorry babe I really am'' he said.

''Michael I'm 5 and a half month pregnant when you get back i'll be almost 8 months pregnant'' I said.

''I know babe I know'' he said.

''not to mention that I'm scared to be alone in this house after the day you left'' I said.

''I know baby I tried to get home'' he said.

''whatever! I told you it would be longer. I'll see you in two months Michael'' I said.

''hey don't be mad its not my fault'' he said.

''oh I know babe and when you get back management will be hearing from me if I haven't had our child yet. Oh wait you won't be here'' I said.

''I will too anyway babe I have to go I love you'' he said.

''bye'' I replied and ended the call. I'm so pissed off that they have to stay another two months. My phone vibrated saying I got a text message. I looked at it and it was from an unknown number

''Haha so lover boy isn't home for another two months the more fun I can have with you. Just wait a bit longer because I don't want to hurt tat little baby inside of you until it is born. So until then take care and i'll always be watching xx''

ok now I'm scared for the sake of my child.


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