Can We Try Again?

Sequel to As Long As You Love Me


10. 10.

*Four Months Later*

Michael's POV:

Zoe is four months pregnant and is very moody at times and we have mini fights over nothing and it is really annoying. Fair enough she is pregnant but it is so annoying how she can be so moody on particular days. I woke up with a nice smell of eggs and bacon filling the house. I got out of bed and went downstairs to see Zoe cooking. I walked up behind her and wrapped my hands around her waist.

''Hey babe'' I said.

''Hey Babe'' she replied.

''it smells good'' I said.

''thank you. Michael I'm sorry about our fight last night and the night before'' she said.

''it's alright babe I should have respected you last night'' I said.

''here you go babe. Don't forget we have a doctors appointment today at 11am'' she said. Shit I forgot about the appointment.

''um babe about the appointment today I can't make it. I kind have forgotten about the appointment today and  they boys and I have to work today'' I replied.

''oh ok then. It's fine there is always one in two weeks or in two months'' she replied annoyed.

''babe I'm sorry ill be there for the next one'' I said.

''Of course you would. You said that last time. It is your baby two'' she replied even more annoyed.

''I know but I have to work to support us so we can get a bigger house unlike you'' I replied really annoyed but then I realised what I said.

''Thanks Michael. I still can and I would if I didn't move back here.. Enjoy your breakfast and have a good day at work'' she replied really annoyed and hurt and then she left the room.

''Zoe I didn't mean it'' I said but she ignored me. I sighed and finished my breakfast and then went to work.

''Hey boys'' I said when I got to work.

''hey Michael'' they replied.

''how is Zoe?'' Luke asked. I sighed then answered

''she is fine I guess''.

''what's wrong?'' Ashton asked.

''we just had a mini fight again'' I replied.

''what was it about this time? what did you do?'' Calum asked.

''she had a doctors appointment today at 11 and I forgot about it because we are working so hard on our album for our tour'' I replied.

''have you even told her about the tour?'' they asked.

''no not yet'' I replied.

''mate you should have gone with her to the appointment today. I mean it is your first child and you should be there for every appointment and you should have told her about the tour'' Ashton said which made me feel bad.

''you should stop fighting with her it stresses her out and stressing isn't good for the baby'' Luke said and we just looked at him.

''What? I learned it from TV'' he said and we just laughed at him.

''but seriously next time just go with her Michael and call up sick. we would have understand I mean Ashton is a father as well'' Calum said.

''Thanks mate'' I said and we got straight to work.

Zoe's POV:

Again this is the third day this week we have had a fight and normally it is me who says the wrong things but he stepped over the line today. Am I over reacting? I don't know. Its just when he told me today he couldn't come to the appointment it just up set me. He hasn't been to one since the first one. After he left for work I had a shower and got changed. I picked a shirt there it is lose and covers up my small bump and grabbed my handbag and got in the car.

''Zoe?'' a lady said and I stood up and followed her to her room.

''Doctor Nair will be with you shortly'' the nurse said and walked out of the room. A few minutes later the door opened and the doctor came in.

''How are we feeling this morning Zoe?'' he asked.

''I feel really good'' I replied.

''That's good you haven't been stressing?'' he asked.

''nope I have been completely calmed'' I replied.

''ok that's good. Where is Michael?'' he asked.

''he is at work'' I replied.

''ok. Now if you don't mind just lay down for me and lift your shirt up just over your belly please'' he said and I did what I was told.

'' ok this gel will be cold just prepare yourself'' he said and I nodded. He put the gel on and the put the thingy on my belly.

''ok. I have found the baby now if you see here'' he said and pointed to a little circle attached to a long body.

''this is your baby's head and it's body'' he said and he or she looks so cute I had tears of joy I just wish Michael was here.

''ok Zoe here is a cloth to clean your belly and I will get the sonagrams for you and the baby is healthy'' he said.

''ok thank you'' I said. he walked out and I cleaned off my belly and pulled my shirt down and he came back with pictures and prenatal vitamins.

''ok here are you sonagrams and your vitamins. If you walk to the front desk and schedule an appointment for next month and i'll see you then'' the doctor said.

''ok thank you'' I said and walked out of the room. I walked to the front desk and scheduled and appointment for next month and then got in my car and headed to my parents house. My mum would be the only one home because the kids are at school and my dad works. I drove to my parents house and walked in.

''hey baby girl'' she said.

''hey mum'' I replied and hugged her.

''come in'' she said and I did.

''do you want tea or coffee love?'' she asked.

''tea please mum'' I replied and she walked off and I followed her.

''How is the pregnancy going?'' she asked.

''it's really good I think. I'm four months pregnant and just came here from my appointment'' I replied.

''that's good and where is Michael?'' she asked.

''at work'' I replied.

''ok. how are things between you two?'' she asked.

''alright I guess'' I replied.

''what do you mean?'' she asked and I sighed.

''this week we have had two fights and had our third one this morning'' I replied.

''what was it about baby?'' she asked.

''him working and not coming to the appointment today'' I replied.

''when was the last time he went to one'' she asked.

''the first one last month and today was fourth one'' I replied.

''baby girl you have to learn that he won't always be available. When we had you I wanted your father to be there for every appointment but he wasn't because he was working and supporting us'' mum said.

''did you guys ever fight?'' I asked.

''yes we did but we ended up getting over them just like you and Michael will'' she said.

''thanks for the advice mum and here you go'' I said and handed her a sonagram.

''oh it is so gorgeous'' she said.

''yea it is'' I replied.

about two hours later I decided to leave and go to Michael's mums work. I drove to her workplace and walked in.

''hello sweetie'' Karen said.

''hey Karen'' I replied and gave her a hug.

''I know you are working but I thought you might like one of these'' I said and handed her a sonagram.

''thanks sweetie and you know me alright'' she replied.

''yea'' I said and we laughed,

''ok you seem busy here so i'll leave you to work '' I said.

''ok sweetie tell Michael I said hi and I love him'' she said.

''alright I will'' I replied and left to go home. When I got home I sat down on the lounge and turned on the TV and the news was on.

''In other news Zoe Mason the famous photographer was seen outside of the doctor today with a nice glow. In the past four months she has been spotted. Which only makes us wonder is Zoe Mason pregnant with her long term boyfriend Michael Clifford's baby and if so how will it work when Michael Clifford goes on tour with his band  Seconds of Summer. Stay tuned for more gossip''.

Wait so Michael is going back on tour. Why didn't he tell me? he is in so much trouble when he gets home.

*Hours Later*

Michael's POV:

finally I get to go home and see my baby. When I got home I smelt something really nice. I walked into the kitchen Zoe had food on the table.

''hey babe'' I said but she ignored me

''look I'm sorry about today ok I love you'' I said and still nothing.

''Are you still mad?'' I asked.

''Oh no what would I be mad about? the fact that you didn't come today or the fact that you didn't tell me you were going on tour?'' she replied really annoyed.

''I'm sorry. I was going to tell you tonight'' I replied.

''how long have you known for?'' she asked.

''a couple of weeks'' I replied.

''When do you go and how long is it?'' She asked.

''next week and one month. It is a promotional one for our new album'' I replied

''I'm glad to see that you can tell me anything'' she said and stormed out of the room.

Michael you stupid idiot. I should have told her when I found out. I ran upstairs to try and calm her down but she was packing her bag.

''What are you doing?'' I asked her.

''away from you'' she replied.

''why babe?'' I asked.

''don't call me babe and because you don't even trust me enough to tell me your going on tour and your leaving your 4 month pregnant girlfriend for a month maybe more'' she yelled.

''I'm sorry babe and it will only be a month'' I said.

''how do you know? last time it was meant to be one month and then it turned into three months'' she yelled.

''I know but this time it is only one month'' I said.

''Bye Michael'' she replied and then left the room when I heard a bang. I ran outside and saw Zoe one the ground face down. I saw someone run away when I ran to Zoe.

''Zoe babe please stay wake'' I said and rolled her over. she was cradling her stomach to try and protect the little baby but there was blood.

''Zoe stay with me'' I said as I looked into her eyes and she closed them. I called triple zero (A/N: In Australia 911 is 000) and they said they would be here as soon as they can. a few mintues later the rushed her off to te hospital and I was stuck in the waiting room so I called the boys, Amy and our parents. Minutes later Zoe's Parents came running in through the door.

''what happened? where is she? is she ok?'' Her mum frantically asked me.

''we got into another fight and she was leaving wen I heard a bang from outside I ran out there and saw Zoe face down on the floor and the person who shot Zoe ran away. I called triple zero and the ambulance came and then I called you and the boys along with Amy and they should be here any minute. She is in surgery and I don't know how she is because they wont tell me anything at the moment'' I replied.

''what did you fight about?''' he father asked.

''she found out that next week the boys and I were meant to be going on tour next week and she flipped out and then ran upstairs for her things'' I replied.

''honey imagine how you would feel if you were pregnant and your partner leaves you for his job?'' her mum said.

''I never thought about that'' I replied an d everything went silent. Then came Luke, Calum, Ashton and Amy.

Amy ran over to Tina and hugged her while she cried. A while later the doctor came out.

''Zoe Mason?'' he said and we all stood up.

''i'm her partner and the baby's father. How is she?'' I asked

''she is resting now but she lost quite a bit of blood but she will be fine. whoever shot her miss the sack of the baby so the baby is also fine'' the doctor said.

''that's good can we go and see her?'' Amy asked.

''sure down the hall room 201'' he replied and left. we walked down to find her room. When we got to her room she looked so fragile  laying in that bed with an IV in her arm and her small bump showing I felt like it was my fault that she was in here.

''hey baby its me. Im here with our parents, the boys and Amy so when your ready just open your eyes and you I mean we can go home'' I said to her.

A couple of hours later it was just me in her hospital room because everyone else went home to sleep but I couldn't go home and sleep with me knowing that she is in here alone. I drifted off to sleep  when I heard and felt Zoe move around and she woke up.

''morning honey. how do you feel?'' I asked her.

''like shit. what happened and is the baby alright?'' she asked.

''you were shot by someone outside of our home and the baby is fine'' I replied.

''I'm sorry about the way I reacted about the tour. I know it is your job and I knew what I was getting myself into and I'm really sorry'' she said.

''it's ok baby I understand and if I was in your position I would have flipped out too. I was just scared that I would lose you again and I didn't want that to happen. I just want you to know that I love you very, very much'' I said.

''I love you too more than you know'' she replied and then I climbed into her hospital bed and she just layed in my arms and then we drifted off to sleep.



A/N: aren't they cute? here you go another chapter :)


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