Youtubers(Jai Brooks)

What happens when two youtubers meet in person? And have to stay in the same house for a year? Join Jessica and Jai with their friends to find out in Youtubers~by KaylaMarie09 || Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the authors.


1. ✴Sneak Peek✴

Sneak Peek






   Jai walked into the living room where he saw the other four sitting and laying and just covering any place they could.


   Beau was on the couch next to Skip, as for Luke, Luke lay across them-with his belly-on their laps.


   James was on the floor in front of them asleep. They all sat in front of the TV, who knew what they where watching, but they are just like a dirty little pig.


   Jai didn't know where to sit so he just plopped down on Luke's back, facing his head to the TV.


   Jai's weight on the three he laid on, was too much for them as Luke, Beau, and Skip groaned in pain under the unbearable weight of the one and only Jai, who didn't weigh that much...


   Skip tried to push Luke and Jai off, but the boys would not budge.


   "Get off me Jai!" Beau yelled, pushing the twins off him and Skip."Jai what the hell did you you eat for breakfast?" Beau yelled once more, remembering, it was the day to make a video for the sexy fans of his. Beau smirked at his inner thought then got up without a word, but he stepped on the twins and James, which made them groan.


   "You call me a fatty," Jai said flatly, trying to get up, but every time he got to his knees, they gave out underneath him and he fell face first.


   "You are Jai-you are a fat little slut." Luke came out from behind Jai and rapped his arms around Jai's waist and pushed with all his weight, smirking.


   Jai quickly turned around and took a punch at Luke, not caring where his fist landed.


   In the spare room where the boys keep their things for video taping, Beau grabbed a connon camera, pulling the "on" switch to make the small object come to life as Beau opened the door and walked into the hallway.


   He quickly turned the small button to the side and the lit up screen changed t have seconds-that where at zero at that moment-and he pressed down on the small circle button which made the screen blink, as he turned the corner to see the living room with the boys in it.


   Luke was on top of Jai, throwing punches to his sides but quickly getting up and walking away but Jai was not done when he grabbed Luke's ankle, making him fall into the couch and landing on Skip.


   "Stop! Let go of my hair."


   "You let my nose go!!"


   "Did you bite me?!"


   All these things came from the two twins.


   Beau stood there with the camera taping the whole thing when it was all interrupted by something that made the boys stop at what they where doing and made them look at the door.


   A girl and two boys sat there with their bags of their belongings, the girl with long brown hair knocked on the door once more as Jai and Luke looked up.


   "They're here!"




Okay in case you where wondering, this is a sneak peek!

And this small chunk of Youtubers could be anywhere in the book.

So don't freak out or anything...

Hope you liked and well see you next time<3

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