Missing // Lashton

Missing – Description

Sixteen year old, small town boy Luke Hemmings, whose father has recently died, arrives in New York City, only to find that his mother who was supposed to be waiting at the train station has, under mysterious circumstances, disappeared. His mother's best friend is there to pick him up instead and invites him to live with her and her son, Ashton, until his mother has been found. The ensuing mystery tangles him in his mother's involvement with an unknown man, and a strange man who claims to be his biological father. All while he has to deal with what could be a blossoming romance between him and his mother's best friends son.


2. Chapter Two

Missing – Chapter Two

-Luke Hemmings-

The train ride was long, about 10 hours. Let me tell you something, spending 10 hours on a subway with strangers sucks. I have never been good with people. They're so judgmental, they act like you're a monster if you don't fit in with society. If you're fat, you're ugly. If you're skinny, you're a slut. There's no one who is good enough for society.

The trip was quiet, besides the few times that we stopped. Everyone was calm, most people were sleeping. I can't sleep on these kinds of trips, it makes me feel like someone's gonna steal my stuff or murder me.

When the train stops in New York City, I throw my bag over my shoulder and hold the stuffed penguin close to me. As I walk into the aisle, people shove me forward. I curse under my breath, finally making it to the door and walking into the train station. I look around for my mum, not seeing her anywhere. "Luke? Luke Hemmings?" I hear someone say. I turn around and see a woman with a boy about my age, maybe a little older, standing next to her. "I'm Luke, yes. Who are you?" I question, slowly walking towards the two. "I'm your mum's best friend, call me Ms. Irwin. This is my son, Ashton." I give the boy a polite smile before turning back to Ms. Irwin. "So, why're you here? Where's my mum?" She shrugs. "She told me to pick you up here, so I did as she asked. I have no idea where she is but you're welcome to stay with us until you find her." She offers. I nod, "Yeah, okay. Thanks." She nods and smiles softly. "It's no big deal. Now, c'mon. We should get home, it's kind of late." I nod and stand next to the boy. "I'm Luke." I introduce myself. "I'm Ashton." I nod, "I know." I cross my arms over my chest. Who knew that New York would be so cold? Well, it is autumn. I rub my arms and keep my head down as I walk. Ashton unzips his hoodie and pulls it off, holding it in front of me. I shake my head, "I'll be fine, I'm not gonna take your hoodie from you." He rolls his eyes and wraps it around my shoulders.

I sit in the backseat, pulling Ashton's hoodie tighter around me. "So, you'll be staying in Ashton's room tonight. We don't have a guest room so Ash offered to let you stay in his room." Ms. Irwin says as she sits in the drivers seat, putting on her seatbelt. "Oh, no. I'm sleeping on the couch, I can't just take Ashton's room." Ashton looks back at me, "No." He says, turning back around before turning on the radio. I sigh softly and look down. I don't like this. I mean, they're nice and stuff but I can't just let them do all of this for me when I barely know them. "I could always stay at a hotel." I speak softly. "No, no you can't." Ms. Irwin says, starting the car.

The entire car ride back to the Irwin's house was almost as quiet as the trip here. I stared out the window most of the time. "Luke, we're here." Ashton says, getting out of the car. As I reach for the handle to the door, my door swings open to reveal a grinning Ashton. Wow, his smile is beautiful and his dimples are adorable. "Well, are you gonna sit there and stare at me or come inside?" I quickly look down, blushing lightly and stepping out of the car. "C'mon." Ashton grabs my arm, leading me inside the house.

Their house was like any other house you'd see. It was a small, white, four-bedroom house. There was a deck that looked as if it went around the entire house. The door was a dark green color.

I follow Ashton inside and take off my shoes as Ashton does. "So, I have a younger brother named Harry." He says. "Alright, where can I put my bags?" "Oh, you can put them in my room." He walks down a hallway, motioning for me to follow him. He leads me to a room with band posters hung up, a stack of CD's laying next to a laptop, and a small twin-sized bed. There was a stereo in front of the window, right across from his dresser. A TV was hung on the wall across from his bed and there was two doors, one that led to a bathroom and one that was a closet. His walls were painted dark blue and there were black curtains hanging on his window. There was a framed picture of him and his family on a small table beside his bed. Drawings were hung up on a small bulletin board next to a Green Day poster.

"So, you like Green Day?" I say. He nods quickly, "Yeah, they're great. But I really like Blink-182." He laughs softly, sitting on the edge of his bed. "Do you like music?" God, Luke. You're so stupid. Of course he likes music. "Yeah. I play drums and sing a bit. I can play bass, guitar, and piano, too." "I can play piano and guitar, and I sing and I can kinda play drums, but I suck." He nods, "That's awesome. What're some of your favorite bands?" I think for a minute, "I like Green Day, Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Guns 'N Roses-" He cuts me off. "You like All Time Low?!" He exclaims. I nod slowly, "Yes, that's what I said." "You're my new best friend. My friends will like you, too. I mean, you'll have to meet them at school." School. I forgot about school. "Ugh, I hate school." I mumble. "Me too. People are mean to me. I don't really care, though. Are people mean to you? Because I'll kick their a-" He's interrupted by a knock at the door. "I think you boys should get some sleep. You have school tomorrow. I'm gonna go say goodnight to Harry and then I'll be back to see if you guys are ready for bed, got it?" Ashton huffs and nods, "Yes, ma'am." He mutters.

"I'll sleep on the floor." I say. He shakes his head, "No you won't." He argues. "Well, I'm not gonna take your bed." He shrugs. "Then I guess we'll have to sleep in the same bed." Oh, god. "Well.. er- okay. Fine." I grab a pair of pajama pants out of my bag and point to the bathroom door. "Can I..?" he nods. "Yeah, go ahead." I go into the bathroom and lock the door, changing into my pajamas and taking off my shirt. When I come back out, Ashton is under the blankets, smiling at me. "C'mon. My mum is gonna be in here soon so we need to get to bed." I shuffle over to the bed and scoot in next to him. "Goodnight, Lucas."

"It's Luke." I state. "Okay, then. Goodnight, Lukey." He says before closing his eyes.

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