Missing // Lashton

Missing – Description

Sixteen year old, small town boy Luke Hemmings, whose father has recently died, arrives in New York City, only to find that his mother who was supposed to be waiting at the train station has, under mysterious circumstances, disappeared. His mother's best friend is there to pick him up instead and invites him to live with her and her son, Ashton, until his mother has been found. The ensuing mystery tangles him in his mother's involvement with an unknown man, and a strange man who claims to be his biological father. All while he has to deal with what could be a blossoming romance between him and his mother's best friends son.


4. Chapter Three

Missing – Chapter Three 

-Luke Hemmings- 

I slowly begin to wake up as I feel shuffling next to me. My eyes slowly flutter open as I blink a few times. A soft yawn leaves my lips and I look over at Ashton. "Ashton?" I whisper, gently laying a hand on his shoulder. His face is buried in his pillow and he lets out a soft groan, "Yeah, I'm up." He mumbles into the pillow. "Shouldn't we get up and get ready for school?" He nods his head a bit and sits up, stretching. "Do you need to borrow clothes or..?" He throws his feet over the edge of the bed, slowly standing up. 


He's got a nice ass.


"Nah, mate. I'm good." Mate? Really, Luke? I make a mental note to face palm later on. "On second thought, I could use some clothes." His clothes seem quite comfy and he has band shirts. He chuckles softly, nodding a bit and tossing an All Time Low t-shirt at me along with a pair of skinny jeans. "Thanks, love." Oh god. That's the second time! Wow, you're on a roll, aren't you, Luke? His cheeks turn a light shade of pink and he nods, going into the bathroom. I quickly pull off the pair of pants I was already wearing and pull the new ones on. I tug the t-shirt over my head. There's a soft knock at the door and I slowly shuffle towards it, opening it. "Oh, hi, Ms. Irwin." I give her a small smile. "Good morning, darling! Is Ashton in the shower?" I nodded slowly, "Yeah." She smiles wide. How is she always happy? "Breakfast is ready, you wouldn't mind telling Ashton, would you?" I shake my head. "He leaves the door unlocked so you can just go right in there and tell him. My eyes go wide and my cheeks flush red as I nod. "Oh, okay." She closes the door and I go over to the bathroom door, gently knocking. "Come in!" Ashton's voice shouts from the other side of the door. I hesitantly turn the knob before swinging the door open. He sticks his head out of the shower curtain and smiles. "Trying to get a peek of this, I see." He jokes. "Uh, er, no. Well, yes. I-I mean, breakfast is ready. Your mum told me to tell you and I just-" He cuts me off with a soft laugh. "Go eat breakfast, silly." He giggles softly and dismisses me. I hurry downstairs, looking for the kitchen. Just as I walk into the kitchen, I run into a boy. "Oops, sorry." He apologizes. Harry. "That's alright, mate." I say, smiling down at him. "I'm Harry." 

"I'm Luke." We talk for a moment before I walk into the kitchen, looking at Ms. Irwin. "Have a seat, love. You want pancakes? How bout bacon? Potatoes?" I nod slowly, "Uh, all?" She smiles and turns towards the stove. Someone walks into the kitchen and I turn around. Ashton winks at me and sits next to me. Wow, what a cheeky bastard. 

"G'morning, Lukey." I bite the inside of my cheek gently and nod, looking down at the table. "Morning." I say in a soft voice. 

"Will you show Luke to Calum and Michael, please? Oh, and show him around the school?" Ms. Irwin asks. "Gladly." Ashton replies cheerfully. Who the hell is Michael and Calum? 


After breakfast, Ms. Irwin hurries us out the door so we don't miss the bus. Ashton stays close to me, a hand on my shoulder. As the
bus stops, we get on. We sit in the middle and instantly, insults are thrown at Ashton.
"Hey, gay boy." 
"Look at the little faggot." 
"Too gay to function, fag?" 
"I see you've got yourself another little boyfriend, huh?" 
"Is he your boyfriend? Did you finally get laid and earn yourself a boyfriend?" Finally, i've had enough of it and turned around. "Actually, we are dating! He is my boyfriend! Oh, and he's my faggot." Okay, Luke. Reword that. "I mean, he's my boyfriend. Yes, we are gay. Yes, we are 'faggots.' Got a problem? Fuck off." I turn towards Ashton and cup his cheeks, pecking his lips gently. "And before you state the obvious; Yes, white boys, we did just kiss!" I face forward and hold my lip ring between my teeth, gently chewing on it. I just kissed Ashton and we just met. Fuck, fuck, fuck. What do I do now? 

The rest of the bus ride is quiet. No more comments came from the back of the bus and Ashton and I hadn't spoken since I kissed him. When we arrived at school, we were the first two to get off of the bus. "Ashton," I say, grabbing his arm gently. He slowly turns around, "Y-Yes?" He stutters. "I'm sorry." A confused look appears on his face. "For what?" 

"The bullying, the kiss.." I look at him. "Wait, I actually liked the kiss, so." I go wide-eyed. He liked the kiss? But we just met. I nod slowly and he leads me towards the courtyard. We stop in front of two guys. One has dyed hair and an eyebrow piercing and the other one has olive colored skin with tattoos lining his arms. "I'm Calum." The olive-skinned boy says. "And I'm Michael." The other boy mocks Calum. "I'm Lucas, but you can call me Luke." They both nod in unison. 

We talk about the bus incident, music, and we even talk about meeting up and forming a band since we all play instruments and sing. Pretty soon, we all have to go to class and it was the beginning of a new school day. 


AN: //I'm going to try to update twice every week guys.//

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