Missing // Lashton

Missing – Description

Sixteen year old, small town boy Luke Hemmings, whose father has recently died, arrives in New York City, only to find that his mother who was supposed to be waiting at the train station has, under mysterious circumstances, disappeared. His mother's best friend is there to pick him up instead and invites him to live with her and her son, Ashton, until his mother has been found. The ensuing mystery tangles him in his mother's involvement with an unknown man, and a strange man who claims to be his biological father. All while he has to deal with what could be a blossoming romance between him and his mother's best friends son.


1. Chapter One

Missing – Chapter One

- Luke Hemmings -

"No matter what, never give up on something you love. Those were the last words my dad ever said to me.

Gosh, do I miss him. He was my best friend. Some people would be ashamed to have their dad as their best friend, but not me. He was wise, funny, and just a great friend in general. I will always miss that freckle-faced weirdo. When I heard the news that he passed, I couldn't even think straight. My dad died? That one tall guy who was always full of joy...died? Sometimes bad things happen to good people," I look down and take a deep breath, tears threatening to fall. "Rest in peace, dad. I love and miss you. Thank you." I quickly grab the sheet of paper and hurry back to my seat, my palms sweaty and my eyes watery. Aunt Kate pats my knee from the seat next to me and whispers, "Good job, Luke. I'm proud of you for being so strong." I nod. That's all I can really do. If I talk, it'll come out as some weird ass noise that you hear in movies. The rest of the service, I stay quiet.

Now the hard part. I stand up, following the large group of people outside. I decide to stay towards the back. Some people say a few words, some people cry, some people show no emotion at all. I don't know which group I fit into anymore. I watch as they lower the coffin into the hole, the coffin that holds my fathers lifeless body. "Luke, would you like to help?" I shake my head, my gaze snapping to the ground. As they throw the dirt over the coffin, all I can think about is the last thing he said to me. No matter what, never give up on something you love. Never give up on something you love. Give up. What did he mean by give up?


The cold, autumn breeze hits my body as I carry a box to the car. Today is the day that I'm moving to New York City with my mum. I set the box in the trunk, taking the last box from my cousins hands. "Thank you, Jen." I say to the small girl who's looking up at me. "You're welcome, Lukey. Do you promise that you'll come and visit Lou and me?" Her wide, bright blue eyes look up at me as she holds up a small brown bear. I smile slightly and kneel down in front of her, "Of course I'll come and visit you guys, and I'll even bring back some gifts. Can you tell me what size shirt that Lou wears?" She giggles, "You're silly, Lukey. Lou doesn't wear shirts!" I gently take the small bear from her hands and chuckle softly, placing a small kiss on the top of her head. "Eh, I'm just playing, princess." I give the bear back to her. "Do you have to go? We'll miss you." I nod, "I'm sorry, but I have to go see my mummy. I'll say hi to her for you, though." She engulfs me in a hug, causing me to fall backwards on my bum. I wrap my arms around her small body as she kisses my cheek. "Here, I have something for you. Stay here." She lets go of me and runs inside. I chuckle softly as I watch her run. When she comes back out, she's holding a stuffed penguin. "Here, I want to give you Peggy the Penguin." I shake my head quickly, "He's one of your favorites, though. I can't take him from you." She lays him next to me. "You're not taking him, I'm giving him to you." I nod and pick up the toy. "Okay, and I have something for you, too." I stand up and walk to the passengers seat of the car, opening the glovebox and pulling out a small necklace with a unicorn charm on it. "What is it?" She asks, a big smile plastered on her face. I hold out the necklace and she squeals, hugging my leg. "I love it, Lukey!" I pick her up and smile, "Do you want to wear it?" I ask. She nods quickly, "Yes please." I wrap the necklace around her neck. "There you go." I set her down. "Thank you."


I sigh as we pull up to the train station. "We'll get these boxes to you sometime this week, okay, Hun?" I nod and open the car door. "Lukey, please don't go!" Jen shouts. I open the backseat door and look at her. Her eyes are watery and he bottom lip is sticking out, almost like a puppy. "I have to, you know that, baby girl." I say, gently kissing her head. "I-I know but I don't w-want you to leave." I smile sadly and kiss her cheek. "I'll see you again this week, I promise. Don't cry. I'm only a few hours away." She wipes her eyes. "I'm n-not crying." I chuckle softly, "It's okay to cry." I see my aunt motioning for me to get on my train. "Listen, I have to leave but I'll see you soon, okay?" She nods slowly and hugs me. I hug back gently. "Goodbye, Jen." I close her door and walk to my aunt, hugging her. "Goodbye." I say. "Bye, love. We'll see you soon." I nod and smile, kissing her cheek before walking into the train. I take a seat towards the middle. To New York City I go.

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