The Lunch Lady

FERRET AND THE LUNCH LADY FIGHT OVER TRASH! BUT WHO WILL WIN? *Based on a true story that actually is happening EVERYDAY*



Thermal was snort singing "My Own Enemy" by Thousand Foot Krutch.


You don't know what snort singing is? Where have you been all of your life?


Snort singing is singing like a pig, and whenever you're supposed to take a breath, you snort

instead. It ends up like:



Hold up, *Snort* oh no!

Who let them in the door? *Snort*

It's like a freak show; shake it like a photo




Anyways, that is what Thermal was doing during lunch.


But this was no ordinary lunch. Today was half day at their school, so they had to eat sack

lunches in their third academic class, which just so happened to be Science for Ferret, Oswin,

Billy, Panda, and Thermal.


After Thermal finished her song, all of the girls laughed while the rest of the class was silent.


"What? You've never snort sang before?" Thermal asked, acting horrified by their ignorance.

She couldn't keep up the act for long though, and a smile crept upon her face.


Panda and Billy grinned and stood up to throw away their trash, dropping them in the supplied

bins in the hallway.


And like always, Ferret was the slowest eater.


They were all busy creepily staring at her, when all of the sudden Ferret ripped her gaze to the door, stunned into silence.


Then she burst out laughing.


Everyone at their table turned around to see what was so hilarious.


They saw the lunch lady.


The lunch lady.


They, too, burst into laughter.


"Ferret, she hates you so much she came to our room just to take your trash," Oswin gasped

out, practically rolling on the floor.


Sure enough, the lunch lady scowled and came right to Ferret, trying not to make it obvious

that she was her target.


"Trash," she mumbled in her raspy voice, "trash."


Ferret grinned, refusing to throw it away. All the while, everyone else dropped their trays and

empty milk cartons into the rolling bin.


The lunch lady casually strolled with a not-so-casual face.

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