The Lunch Lady

FERRET AND THE LUNCH LADY FIGHT OVER TRASH! BUT WHO WILL WIN? *Based on a true story that actually is happening EVERYDAY*



Thermal and Oswin were trying to tell Georgia, Fluffy Potato, and Krusty Bolt what happened

with the lunch lady the previous day. They finally finished explaining, and all of the girls were

once again in tears.


"You know what you should do next time the lunch lady tries to take your tray?" Georgia

addressed Ferret with a grin creeping onto her face.


"What?" Ferret asked, scrunching her face into her usual ferret face.


"Just start eating the tray!" Georgia laughed. Potato started laughing and then changed the

subject back to trying to get Ferret to wear a dress. 


Billy sighed, wondering why these peasants were her friends. Potato, Oswin, and Georgia

started singing old chorus songs. Issy and Billy soon joined in. 


Thermal, Panda, and Ferret just seemed confused and decided to discuss compass dancing

and Trevor McNevan's face instead.


Thermal cannot stop describing how sexy his face is. Ever.


The girls watched, laughing, as the lunch lady once again made her way around the cafeteria

collecting trash. Ferret was, of course, still eating.


She made her way to their table as quickly as possible, and keeping eye-contact with

Ferret. The group continued to laugh, attracting attention from other tables.


"Trash," the lady said in her hoarse voice.


Everyone except Ferret tossed the left over revolting school food into the bin. 


"I'm still eating." Ferret gestured to her unfinished fruit cup.


The lunch lady gave a look of annoyance and picked up Ferret's tray anyway; throwing in into

the trash and walking away.


They all just stared.


"Maybe she needs your DNA to clone you or something," Panda said jokingly.


"I'm pretty sure that she's gonna obsess over you until you die, Ferret. I mean, just look at her."

Thermal said, then made double chins at the lunch table across the room.


Everyone else soon joined in.


The girl's laughed and went about their day.

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