Roger Rabbit

I was only 17 when I went to my first warped tour. Little did i know, it would be the best experience of my life, just based off of this one little prize. Now, my life will be different forever. I never will be the same and think the same way


1. My first time going

I woke up to my best friend, Kayla, texting me. Me and her were going to the warped tour. She has been many times, but this is my first time. Her, her brother, and I are going. It was already ten o'clock. We were going to leave at twelve, because it started at three and we wanted to get 'skip the line' passes. So I got up and went to take a shower and start getting ready.

When I am getting ready, I always put my music on my phone. So I opened my phone and put on my favorite Sleeping With Sirens song: Roger Rabbit. I put on my make up, some foundation, liquid eyeliner, and mascara, and then i straightened my jet black hair with my newly died blue and purple ombre tips. I didn't put my hair up, but I put a hair tie around my wrist because I was going to be in the mosh pit. Then I went back into my room and went to look in my closet. I threw on my ripped, black skinny jeans that were frayed rips basically up my whole legs, a black bandeau, and my white, ripped up Sleeping with Sirens tank-top with low sleeves, black converse boots with white shoe laces. 

When I was done, I realised that it was already 11:50. I text Kayla to see if she was ready.


Me: "hey. u ready yet?"

Her: "yup. u on ur way yet?"

Me: "ya. i will be there in like, 5 minutes."

Her: "ok cool. see u soon!(:"


thanks for reading so far guys. i know it's a slow start, but it is going to eventually be better. also, this is the first fanfic i have ever written, so let me know how i do. 

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