The Queen

•••••She was young, barely seventeen, with fair hair and bright blue eyes. And yet she emanated a sort of power, as if she were far older than her appearance let on. It intimidated this courageous enough to try and talk to her, contest her role on the throne, and scared off all the others. She had no name, thought most had begun to call her The Queen, or Majesty. She was a mystery, and many tried to find out who she was and from where, but those few had never been heard of again, their names disappearing into the long list of murder victims.•••••


Tenebris is a young murderer, known for her cold heart and agonizing torture methods. When she meats Antonin, a young man trying to kill her and deliver her body to the Emperor of Agartha, will she fail to defend her position and her people, will she come out the victor, or will she, despite the walls built around her heart and mind, fall in love? Read to find out.


3. Nightmares

Despite the fact that the Queen had already told Antonin any attempts at transformation would be in vain, he tried to anyways. All he felt was an even sharper pain course through his body for an agonizing fraction of a second.

Not one to give up easily, he tried again, always with the same result. Finally, he gave up, slumping to the ground in defeat all while trying to ignore the steadily growing pain in his neck. 

A small sound, a giggle, made Antonin jump, his head snapping upwards towards the place the noise had come from. He saw a girl, young, perhaps ten, walk towards him. Her wide grey eyes were fixed on him, seeming to stare into his soul, and her raven hair framed her angelic face in soft curls.

"What are you doing here?'' he managed to grumble out despite the pain.

She laughed, not answering his question. Turning around, she looked behind her self and made a mall hand gesture, as if she were inviting someone in.

Another being appeared. It was a man this time, his face wrinkled, a walking stick clutched in his hand. He joined the child, watching Antonin with calculating eyes.

More and more people began to appear. A woman with flowing blond hair reaching past her shoulder blades, a young boy, his brown hair the color of fresh earth, his eyes full of mirth. And elderly lady, a knitted shawl draped across her frail shoulder, a warm smile illuminating her face. Many more stood behind then, their faces blurred, colors joining together, creating a beautiful canvas of different hues. Green streaks intertwined with purple, blue with red.

Antonin wondered what was happening. Who were these people who just appeared out of thin air?

He spun on his heels, observing. They all seemed so happy. Did they not realize where they were? Did they not see that this was a dungeon, that it was filled with torture instruments?

A thought suddenly crossed his mind, and his stomach filled with dread. What if they didn't? What if they were just shadows, ghosts, of their real selves? What if they were dead?

Almost immediately after that thought crossed his mind, the people began to change.

The young girl's face began to morph, scars littering the pale skin, blood coming out of her eyes, ears, mouth. A red patch spread from her right shoulder to her left hip. A trail of blood.

The woman fell to the ground, convulsing, spitting and coughing, her hands clawing at her face and chest, drawing blood from the thin cuts left by her nails.

The boy flew into the air as metal wires seemed to go all around him. The wire began to glow, and with a sickening feeling, Antonin realized that it was heating up. The boy screamed, and Antonin could see the brand marks that the wire left in his skin. As the wires fell away, a knife appeared, tracing the red lines burned into his flesh, eliciting more tortured cries form the lad.

All around Antonin, people were being tortured by invisible hands, their face contorted into masks of agony. Pain seared through Antonin's neck again, like a lighting bolt cut the dark rainy night sky in half, and he passed out, no longer able to bear what was happening around him.

His last conscious thought was:

"I wish the Queen would kill me now. This is too much, I cannot live like this."


Author's note: I'm a little disappointed. This chapter is kinda...i don't know, shitty? Anyways, comment what you think about the story!

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