The Queen

•••••She was young, barely seventeen, with fair hair and bright blue eyes. And yet she emanated a sort of power, as if she were far older than her appearance let on. It intimidated this courageous enough to try and talk to her, contest her role on the throne, and scared off all the others. She had no name, thought most had begun to call her The Queen, or Majesty. She was a mystery, and many tried to find out who she was and from where, but those few had never been heard of again, their names disappearing into the long list of murder victims.•••••


Tenebris is a young murderer, known for her cold heart and agonizing torture methods. When she meats Antonin, a young man trying to kill her and deliver her body to the Emperor of Agartha, will she fail to defend her position and her people, will she come out the victor, or will she, despite the walls built around her heart and mind, fall in love? Read to find out.


2. Betrayal and Alliances

Everyone gaped as they heard those words. This man must be either very foolish or very brave to say something like that.

"I will get revenge for Olivia Bloom's death."

More murmurs went through the room. This man wasn't even an assassin, he just wanted revenge?

She laughed, throwing her head back.

Raising her sword, she hit it down on the ground, making a crack in the polished wood. Then she reached her neck with her right hand and extracted a silver necklace from under her armor. A green and black pendant in the shape of a heart hung on the heavy looking chain. She flung the piece of jewelry at his, Antonin's, face.

Antonin caught the object with his free hand, eyes widening in shock. He stared at the pendant for a long moment, before raising his head to look at the Queen, who was watching impatiently, arms crossed, sword still planted firmly in the wood in front of her.

"This is hers. Only she can wear it. It is enchanted. Is" Antonin babbled, the careful mask of indifference gone.

"She wasn't me." the Queen replied. Antonin visibly relaxed. "I was her."

His head snapped up again to look her straight in the eyes.

"You were her?"

The gathered assassins fell silent, all paying attention to the current exchange, interested in knowing how exactly their Majesty had been something as simple, as plebeian as the lover of a mere human, a regular man with no particular talent, who wasn't even part of their social circle.

"Yes. You see, I would do anything to get information from someone, and what better way than through a mans heart? Any man in love would tell his significant other anything, from the biggest of secrets, to the smallest of worries. And you certainly proved that theory to be right."

Everyone gaped. Hadn't someone noticed the Queens disappearance?

Antonin seemed to be thinking the same thing, for he asked that exact same question.

The Queen merely laughed, her head thrown back, her blond hair spilling over her shoulders, down her back.

"A simple charm. Many forget I was born of a powerful line of mages. All I had to do was cast a simple spell that convinced everyone that I was here all along during those three months."

Once again, there were many awed and shocked faces among the crowd.

"Come along Antonin."

The Queen flicked her wrist imperceptibly, the gesture going unnoticed by most. Almost immediately, Antonin followed her out of the room.


Their footsteps echoed around in the large stone hall, illuminated only by burning torches, casting flickering shadows.

The Queen led Antonin deeper and deeper into the depth of the castle that was her home.

"Where are you bringing me?" He asked her.

"That is for me to know, and you to figure out. " she replied enigmatically, smirking.

Antonin stayed silent, seeming deep in thought. He followed her through multiple corridors and hallways, until they got to two big oak doors.

The Queen made a swishing motion with her hand, and the doors banged open, revealing a large room with stone walls and torches. The roof was very high and adorned by multiple stone carvings, statues of people being tortured, killed.

"Welcome to the Hall of Death, my sanctuary."

Antonin looked around himself, his eyes taking in every detail.

The Queen was watching him closely, observing his reactions.

"You will stay here until you reveal every single piece of information you know about the Emperor of Agartha, and when I am satisfied, we will see what is to be done of you." She said, marching into the room confidently.

Antonin stayed at the entrance, stubborn, not giving in. When the Queen saw this, she growled.

"Come in. Now."

Once again, Antonin ignored her.

"Very well. If that is what you wish, it will come down to force."

She drew a dagger from her belt, pointing it at him.

Antonin glared at her, and launched himself at her lithe form, flying through the air towards her.

She laughed, the sound sweet and yet scary at the same time.

"Oh Antonin. Do you not realize that I know of all your secret fighting techniques? You told me every single one of them, showed me how they were done, guided me through the process of learning how to do each one of them." The Queen taunted, her lips stretching into an evil grin.

Antonin did a small flip and landed in front of the form of a large black panther.

"I believe you have showed me that already." The Queen said in a sing song voice.

Antonin, now the panther, snarled at her and lunged, teeth bared, muscles rippling under the silky dark fur.

The Queen drew another dagger, holding the two weapons in front of her loosely.

As the Panther hit her, sending them both rolling to the ground, she plunged the two blades into either side of his neck, eliciting a whimper of pain from the great feline.

The Queen got up, extracting herself from under the dead weight of the creature.

"Useful little trick, isn't it? I really do love that spell. You will be in extreme pain for the time that the blades stay in your neck, but you will not die. Maybe you will give in after a few hours of agony." She said while brushing dirt off her armour. "And don't even bother trying to transform into any thing else, it won't work."

And with that, she stalked out of the place, the doors slamming behind her, leaving Antonin inside to wonder why he had ever thought that helping the Emperor and avenging Olivia at the same time was ever a good idea.

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