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Zamora is a goody two shoes. Luke is a delinquent. Will they perhaps date or will she let Luke go back to jail?


2. what happened?

Luke's P.O.V


I woke up up to my alarm clock. Yup today's today's Thursday. I got up slowly, stretching my muscles.

I got up to my closet and chose some clothes. Black skinny jeans, black shirt with 'I don't care' saying on it. I went to the bathroom and fixed my hair. Putting it up with 'Jonny B' gel. Perfect. Should I just skip breakfast? Yeah I'm not even that hungry.

I went to go check on my mom. She's asleep. At least she's sober. My mum finally looks like she found peace. I went up to her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. She smiled in her sleep. I went out to smoke yet another cigar.

I got got a text from Calum.

Calum: Are you ready? Did you at least eat mate?

I texted him nah then put my phone away. I got on my motorcycle then threw away the cigar. As I went to school. I saw Mikaylah and Calum talking. It's already annoying since he has been always with her and not hanging with the rest of the gang. He spotted me. He went up to me, Mikaylah following along." Morning mate," Calum said." Hi," I simply said. Mikaylah looked down and waved. She still upset about the argument or is she embarrassed?

I held my hand out." Truths," I asked. She looked up and shook my hand." Truths," she said. I gave her a small smile. In exchange she gave me a shy smile.

" Mikaylah what would happen if a person hasn't eaten breakfast for a couple of weeks," Calum asked looking at me. Mikaylah thought for a minute and said," I depends,if you were kind of hungry and starving yourself, that could lead to passing out. On the other hand if you aren't so hungry and skip it, your body can get use to it. "

Some days I'm hungry some days I'm days I'm not.

All of a sudden, the bell rang.

I got got the history books and the slut cane up to me again! What does she want now? If I were a girl, I would've beaten her up!

"Look who it is," she said. I rolled my eyes at her. "What do you want?" I clenched my jaw. She smirked at me. She was actually a girl I knew since middle school who wanted to date me and she always wanted me. "You and me tomorrow at my house," she said. "No way," I said disgusted. She looked pissed. "You better or else," she said. "Or else what?" She stood there. "You'll see Hemmings what you're missing on!" I laughed." Yeah I'm missing out on a slut. Bye walking herpes," I said. She ran of pissed. Ha! I went to my locker and heard two girls. I walked down to hear where the noise was but hid myself so who ever was talking wouldn't see me.

"You better back off from Luke Mikaylah! You know he loves me not you!" I heard the slut say. " I'm not even into him Amber! If he truly loves you he wouldn't have called you a slut and if he loved you don't you think he would've kissed you!? He doesn't love me or like me! We're just friends we only talk so before you judge, know what's happening!" I heard Mikaylah say. That's actually very true. I would've kissed the slut who name is amber if I loved her which I don't! Mikaylah still defended me even when we're not friends. But why would she defend me? I saw Mikaylah walking. Amber was going to push her bit I held her back. She looked at me confused. "I told you Mikaylah he loves me," Amber said. Mikaylah turned around.

"He held you back idiot! If he loved you he wouldn't have held you back!" I smiled she actually knew me. "Yeah that's true Amber. I don't love you. I'm helping Mikaylah since she helped me." I got Amber and took her to another classroom. Mikaylah was actually waiting for me."uh thanks for telling her off," I said awkwardly. "No problem and thank you for holding her back," Mikaylah said. We started walking down the hall way. When we came inside the classroom, everyone was settling. We're lucky then. Mikaylah took a seat so I took a seat next to her.

She turned and smiled at me. I really want to know why she helped me. If i was her, I wouldn't have done that considering that 1: Amber is no good and she can hurt her and 2: I'm considered the bad boy and didn't even hug her back. I was so lost in thought until I heard Mikaylah talk to me."C'mon Luke time for chemistry," she said. I just nodded at her. I walked up to her." Why did you tell off Amber and help her realize that I HATE her?We're not friends you say?" She looked up at me her eyes glistening." It's not because I like you or anything," I said blushing. " I thought we were friends," she said her with her head down. Now I feel like a jerk! " I didn't mean it like that I just thought we weren't friend but we are," I said getting her books.She smiled. Who am I? I use to not care about being friends with a girl but for some reason I cared out this one.

After our next few classes it was time for P.E! I changed into a jersey shirt and shorts. I walked in to see amber glaring Mikaylah.What was happening. All of a sudden, Amber on my arm." Lukey pookey I just wanted to say I had fun last night," she said while shooting Mikaylah a look.I looked at her confused." Yeah i know you were screwing another guy but sadly,he never loved you," I said not giving a damn.I walked away just to see Mikaylah looking a little down. I looked at her confused raising my brow. " Mikaylah what's wrong," I asked her. She just shook her head. I may not know her that much but I know her well enough that she was sad. "Tell me the truth Mikaylah."

"I really don't want to talk about it. Have fun with your girlfriend," she said turning away. Girlfriend? "Who's my girlfriend cause I know I don't have one," I said graving her arm.

"Luke, Amber is," she said still looking at the ground. "Who told you that lie," I asked now graving her hand now."You don't have to lie Luke. It's all over the school newspaper. It says you guys made it official. Everyone who knew told me." "Listen Mikaylah, we're not dating. Do me a favor and stop this rumor." "I believe you and how?" I thought for a moment.

"I guess tell her off," I said unsure if this idea. She looked up at me." It'll look like I like you Luke." "What's so bad about liking me?" She bit her lip." No offense but you're not by type." "How am I not Mikaylah."

Most every girl likes me but why not her. She looked nervous." Well you're a bad boy and we barely know each other." "Everyone here likes a bad boy and a good girl couple. Don't you," I asked looking into her eyes. She rolled her eyes."I do," she said. I smiled and out an arm around her shoulder. She blushed. "Ha and you're the good girl," I said smirking." Hey forget what you thought of good girls cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught," she said. That could be a good title for a song. "I agree with you though most everyone loves a good girl and bad girl story," she said flipping her hair. I thought it would hurt but no, it was as soft as silk. Wait if she's a good girl................................... Does that make me the bad boy? Calum came up to us and came between us, putting an arm around us." What are you guys talking about," Calum asked. "We were talking about good girl and bad girl relationships," Mikaylah said. Calum looked shocked. "Wait! Mikaylah you like Luke? Do you liked her mate? ARE YOU GUYS DATING?!?!?!," he looked so confused. She pulled away. "What no!," she said. Amber came from behind us."NO SHE'S NOT!I AM DATING HIM!," she said. She did the most unthinkable.

She gripped her hand on my shirt and kissed me! She put her hand on my head so I couldn't back away! She wrapped her legs around my torso and didn't pull away! I didn't kiss back and as soon as she backed away, I pushed her off me. She smirked. Son if a gun.

I turned around just to see Mikaylah wasn't there. I knew that I had a half hour till PE so I went looking for her.

Amber was following so u stopped." Stop acting like you don't like the kiss and why are you looking for her when you know I'm yours," Amber said." First of all I hated the kiss and never wanted to kiss you. Second of all, I'm looking for her because she is the only girl who doesn't treat me differently, is not a slut, and I can trust her. Third of all, YOU AREN'T MY GIRLFRIEND!YOU MAY WANT ME BUT I CERTAINLY DON'T WANT YOU!" I may have sounded harsh but I really don't care. Amber's jaw was wide open. She turned away and walked away. Good she won't bother me anymore and I don't care if I broke her heart because deserves it.

I saw Ashton and Michael rubbing Mikaylah's back. "Hey guys, why did you leave me," I asked.

"Mate we didn't want to disturb your make out session with your gf Amber," Calum said. Mikaylah looked like she was annoyed." She's not my girlfriend. Never will and never will I be with her," I said. "Ummm Luke that's a huge lie you guys were making out and it's everywhere," Mikaylah said with anger through her voice. Why is she pissed. "Why are you mad at me," I said. She was shocked then she said,"Luke, you are my friend and she bullies me.

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