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Zamora is a goody two shoes. Luke is a delinquent. Will they perhaps date or will she let Luke go back to jail?


1. I'm not bad

Luke's P.O.V

I went to school with my gang, Calum, Aston, and Michael. " Cmon mate, stop being so shady. Today is the second week of school and you're not enjoying it," Calum said. I just rolled my eyes.

The bell rang. I had the first class with my group so I'm grateful for that. First class history. I got my books ready to go. I went inside my what if I was late, I at least bothered to show up right? " Luke Hemmings if you arrive late again, I will send you to the principle's office," my teacher said. I rolled my eyes again. " It's not like it's my first time going there." I took a seat. I hadn't notice that I was sitting next to a girly- girl. Her hair was brown with blonde high lights, hazel eyes shining in the light, and wearing a pink shirt with light blue skinny jeans. I read her bracelet which read Mikaylah. She turned to look at me and simply waved her hand. I waved my hand back actually saying hello.

My next 4 classes were with her. Ashton was talking to her just like if they were best friends. She gave me a look. Like 'I know he's been in jail before I can tell'. She came up to us and shook our hands. Why isn't she mean? Oh yeah forgot she's a girly-girl. Instead of shaking my hand, she hugged me.

I didn't hug back. She told me," I hope you enjoy school." Ashton told her didn't he. Then she walked away.

" Why did you tell her that I didn't enjoy school," I asked Ashton. He just laughed."Chillax mate I told her you had home problems plus I thought she would cheer you up since she always is so cheery."

" What ever," I said.

Finally it was lat period. P.E. I went inside the locker room to change. When I was finished, I saw a girl in the hall way smirking.she was wearing slutty clothing. " Hey baby wanna make out or get down to serious business with me," she asked with her flirty voice pulling her shirt down so I can see her cleavage. " Nah I'm fine I don't want to make out with a girl who has herpes and a STD," I said making her jaw drop. "Careful honey, I can see a fly," I said sarcastically. She clenched her jaw and ran way. Arms to each side. Typical sluts.

Calum went behind me. "Woah! What happened to her and really herpes?" I laughed." What? She deserves it ." " No wonder girls call you a bad boy Luke. You really need a girlfriend." I ignored him and went to P.E. Today we were playing dodge ball. Time to hurt some punks.

The girl that wanted to make out with me was on the opposing side. So was Mikaylah.

When the coach blew the whistle, the slut threw a ball right near me. Horrible aim. I got the ball and threw it at her face . Priceless. I kept on knocking down people until it was Mikaylah and I. I didn't want to hurt her so I threw the ball. She dodged it! She then got the ball and hit me in the chest. Wow she was good for a girly-girl of course.

She smirked. Hm maybe she can just cheer up my day I mean since that's the only girl that doesn't want to kiss me yet. She's not flirty. Calum then again interrupted my thoughts by waving his hand in front of my face. " Time to change Luke." I nodded. I changed back into my skinny jeans, grey tank top, converse, and grey beanie.

Calum was then talking to Mikaylah. She walked up to me. "Nice game Luke thanks for letting me win," she said pointing her head toward Calum. I know she just did this so it doesn't seem like I'm weak. "No problem." I mouthed 'thank you' to her

The bell rang. Great time to go home. I got on my motorcycle and went straight home.

I got got the keys to my house and opened the door. "Mom," I called out. No answer. All of a sudden I hear a crash. I ran upstairs to see my mum on her chair drunk. As soon as she saw me, she threw a bottle at me. Great more scars to cover up. You see ever since I was seven my dad abandoned us and then got remarried to my mom after she forgave him. He soon started abusing my mother which led me to fight him which lead for jail for him for life and jail for me for a couple of months which I believe approximately a year.

Ever since my dad abused her, she got heart broken and decided to become an alcoholic. I but my lip ring while I went to the bathroom to was the the blood away." Argh," I moaned.

"Luke you're a disc race! I hate you!" My mum always hates me but I'm used to this. The cuts were large. I went out to go smoke a cigarette. Yeah I smoke but it relieves pain.

"You shouldn't be smoking Luke. It's bad for your lungs," I heard a girl say. I looked up to see Mikaylah. "1: how did you know I live here 2: who cares. 3 it relieves pain. 4 who gave you the right to talk," I said.

" 1: Calum told me to come and get you. 2: your family does. 3: you can try punching. 4: the person who gave me the right to talk is Susan b. Anthony," she said firmly

I couldn't stop laughing of her sarcasm. She soon joined me to laugh." Long story but my parents don't care if I smoke and punching would make me hurt my mum." She sighed. " family may seem like that they don't love you but they always do like friends love you as a family Luke," she said sweetly. "Easy for you to say little ms.perfect," I said. She looked at me with madness running threw her.

"Look Luke just because your label is bad boy, it doesn't mean you can treat others like that!" With that she stormed off.

I apologize that it's short. It's my first story but I'll try to make the other chapter longer.

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