The Goofy Sidekick {Teen Wolf-Stiles Stilinski}

Sage McCall is Scott McCalls twin sister and best friends with Lydia Martin, Jackson Whittemore and Danny Māhealani. Her and her brother don’t really hang out in the same social groups but still get along majority of the time. Everything was perfectly normal, Sage was on a call with Lydia deciding her first day back to school outfit, but then everything that happened after that seemed to go downhill. Her brothers goofy best friend Stiles Stilinski made the trio go looking for half a dead body and Scott got attacked and to make matters worse Sage cannot decided her feelings towards the goofy sidekick (Stiles)

I suck at summarising sorry I’m not very good at this but the story is hopefully better.
Based off season 1 and the sequel will be based off season 2 and so on ……


3. Chapter 2


Sages POV:

Stiles had gotten a call from his dad telling him that he needed to get home and that he was in major trouble for disobeying him and staying with me instead of going home straight away. So I was sitting at home alone worried out of my mind, I thought that maybe if I listened to some music it might ease my mind a little bit so I went over to my desk and picked up my laptop and headphone. Here we go again, I kinda wanna be more than friends, so take it easy on me, I’m afraid your never satisfied. Here we go again, we’re sick like animals we play pretend. You’re just a cannibal and I’m afraid I won’t get out alive. No, I won’t sleep tonight. Oh oh I want some more, Oh oh what are you waiting for? Take a bite of my heart tonight, Oh oh I want some more, Oh oh what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Say goodbye to my heart tonight. I bobbed my head along to “Animal by Neon Trees” I had it playing really loudly trying to block out all other noises and even so I couldn’t hear myself think because I knew all I would be able to think of would be Scott and why he wasn’t home yet. I laid down into my bed still listening to music and opened tumblr searching through popular pictures, thats the last thing I remember doing before I fell asleep. 


I yawed and rolled over in my bed, my blankets pulled up to my chin and as I rolled over to lay on my other side I saw my laptop on my desk with my headphones laying on top of it. Wait what? I don’t remember putting them over there, the last thing I remember before going to sleep was scrolling through tumblr so how did my laptop get over to my desk. Unless mum or Scott had done it last night….SCOTT oh my god Scott. I jumped up out of bed, still in my clothes from last night, and ran out of my room and burst into my brother’s bedroom. “Scott?!?!” I yelled in a questioning tone as I ran into his room, “Ahhhh” I heard some one yell, I looked straight at the bed where the yell come from and saw Scott sitting on his bed with a face full of panic, “What the hell Sage, why did you burst into my room yelling? You scared me half to death.” He pretty much yelled when he saw that the person that barged into his room was just his sister. “Oh well I don’t know, maybe I was just umm WORRIED TO DEATH BECAUSE I WAITED UP PRETTY MUCH ALL NIGHT WAITING FOR YOU TO GET HOME” I waited until I had calmed down a bit before I continued, “I thought something bad might of happened to you” I spoke in a softer voice than before now that I had calmed down. “Well, something did happen…”  “WHAT?!?”  “Sage calm down, I’ll tell you when we get to school okay?”  “No not okay why can’t you tell me now Scott” He cut me off before I could finish my sentence, “Because I’m going to have to tell the exact same thing to Stiles when we get to school and I don’t want want to have to explain everything twice” I hesitantly nodded my head and left his room to go get ready for the first day of school. My outfit was hung over my chair as I had left it yesterday after Lydia helped my chose my first day back outfit. (PIC ON SIDE OF HER OUTFIT)


I sat on the handlebars of Scotts bike as www rode to school, we rode into the car park and Scott rode into the bike rack and then up pulled the car that belonged to Jackson Whittmore, who just happened to hate my brother with a passion but was one of my best friends, it was strange he was a complete ass to my brother but he was mostly nice when he was around me and Lydia. Jackson’s car door swung open as Scott had stopped the bike and I had just jumped off of it. “Dude, watch the pain job” He gave my brother a dirty look and then his gaze fell onto me and his frown turned upwards “Sage, hey” “Hi Jackson” I replied and he gave me a quick hug which I returned, “So Sage how was your brea-“ He got cut of mid sentence by one of his lacrosse friends yelling out his name and waving him over, he told them to wait a minuet and looked back at me, “Sorry, so how was your break Sage?” “We can talk about it at lunch its fine, go hag out with your team mates” “Your the best” He gave me another quick hug before pulling his strap of his bag further up his shoulder. “I don’t understand how you can be friends with him seriously” I heard my brother grumble and we picked up our bag and walked towards the school, I just laughed and kept walking.


 “Scott! Sage!” Our head both turn to see Stiles standing near a bench in front of the school. “Ok now explain” I told Scott, he told us how something had attacked him and he was pretty sure had bitten him, “It was too dark to see anything, but I’m pretty sure it was a wolf” He finished off after showing us the wound with a massive bandage covering it. I giggled and Stiles spoke “No way not a chance” “Well I heard a wolf howling” Scott retorted, Stiles pulled a face and then spoke again “No you didn’t” “What do you mean no I didn’t, how would you know what I heard” I spoke up after ducking under the lacrosse sticks that were poking out of the boy’s bags, “Because California doesn’t have wolves, no in like, I don’t know 60 or so years” Scott just looked at his shoes, “Well if you guys don’t believe me about the wolves then your definitely  not going to believe me when i tell you, i found the half of the body” Stiles was pretty much jumping with joy at this point, I pulled a disgusted face because I cant even begin to imagine how disturbing that would be. After Stiles ha his little rant he calmed down, “Seriously this is the best thing that has happened to this town since..” as if on cue my best friend walked past helping Stiles think of thee perfect comparison “since the birth of Lydia Martin” My heart dropped, oh did I forget to mention the fact that I am head over heels for one of my best friend the one and only Stiles Stlinski and he likes my best friend…yeah, anyway she just kept walking past not even paying attention to Stiles, “Hey Lydia, you look… like your going to ignore me” He was just about to turn his head back towards us, but Lydia stopped and turned around resulting in Stiles breathing to increase rapidly. 


Lydia walked towards us “H-hey Lydia” Stiles stuttered, she ignored him and looked at me “Ok Sage I get that you want to talk to your brother and stuff but cant you do that at home, I want to hang out with my best friend” Without letting me reply she grabbed my wrist and pulled me along with her, I shot a quick wave and small smile towards the boys before quickening my pace just slightly so I was in step with Lydia. We both pushed open the main doors to the school and entered with most eyes on us. It has been this way fro years but I will never get use to having most of everyones attention on me, its just a bit awkward. “So Sage, your coming to lacrosse try-outs tonight, right?” “Yeh of course, I never miss a game or try-outs, you know that Lydia” I slightly laughed as I told her this because she knows we always go to everything lacrosse together. She goes because she is Jackson’s girlfriend and I go, well I go because I just love sports in general. That is why Lydia and I are the strangest of friends because she is more into makeup and keeping up to date with the newest fashions, I’m not saying that I’m not like that because I am but just on a lower scale, and keeping her popular status which means attending all parties, which she seems to drag me to. Then there is me and I am more into music and sports, I still like to keep in fashion and look nice but I don’t dress up heaps unless it is for a party, I’m fine being in sweat pants and a sloppy shirt. I think that is why we get along so well, because we are so similar yet so different ay the same time, if that makes any sense at all. 


We had gone to out lockers and gotten out our books, Lydia and I had separated ways and gone to our first classes. As soon as I entered my eyes automatically scanned the room to see if I had any friends in the class, almost straight away I spotted Scott and Stiles, there was an empty seat next to Scott and in front of Stiles, so I made my way over to the seat, Scott and Stiles we mid conversation about lacrosse when I walked over, I ha taken the seat and the boys still hadn’t noticed me. I cleared my throat which caused them to both jump and look at me, “Oh hey Sage” Scott said, Stiles just simply nodded his head towards me with a small smile, I greeted them back silently, pleased that I had gotten their attention. The bell went not long after and our teacher walked into the class. “As you all know there indeed was a body found  in the woods last night” After he had said this mine and Scott eyes fell on Stiles, Stiles gave Scott a smile then looked at me and gave a a quick wink, the three of us slightly laughed. The teacher then continued, “And I’m sure you eager little minds have come up with theories about what happened,but I am here to  tell you that the police have a suspect in custody” Once again the three of us shared a look. “ Which mean you can give your full attention to your work that is on your desk” The whole class groaned an picked up their papers. 


  I was looking down at the paper in front of me until I heard the door open, causing me to look up, the principle and a pretty girl with black hair and a killer outfit on walked in. “Class this is our new student” the principle started talk causing everyones attention to be on him and the new girl. “ Allison Argent, please do your best to make her feel welcome” with that he had left and Allison looked of a seat, the only empty seat was the one behind Scott so she took it, I saw Scott quickly grab a pen and turn around in his seat with his arm extended offering her the pen, I turned around to face Stiles, “He likes her” I stated it plain and simple as if it was not anything important and turned back facing the front of the class once again. I felt something on my shoulder and turned around to see Stiles tapping my shoulder with his pen, “What do you mean” “I mean he likes her, I can tell” “How?” “Its a twin thing” I ended the conversation with a smirk and turned around once again. 


The lesson had ended early giving the class time to talk to our friends, I decided I would introduce myself to Allison so she could have at least one friend, I stood up and made my way over to her desk. She had her head down writing something and only looked up once a half sat half leant against her desk, when she looked up I gave her a friendly smile “Hey Allison, I’m Sage McCall, thought I might introduce myself so you can know at least one person” I said the last bit with a slight laugh, but never letting my smile fade. “Hi Sage its nice to meet you” I started to say something else but the bell cut me off, “Well sorry we cant talk more but you should sit with me and my friends at lunch, you’ll love my friends” “Really? thanks” “Not a problem, seeya later Allison” I walked out of the class after saying that.


I was at my locker locker putting my books away when Lydia  had just popped up scaring me half to death, “Hey Lyd” I said after I had calmed down from the shock of her appearing out of no where. “Who is that?” Lydia asked me, I looked in the direction that she was point and smiled “Oh thats the new girl, Allison” “Lets go introduce ourselves” She said, I didn’t get a chance to reply because she had already made her way over to Allison. When we got to her locker I noticed that her and Scott were looking at each other which made me smile, they would be cute together I thought. “That jacker is … absolutely killer” is the first thing Lydia said to Allison, “where did you get it” she continued, Allisno just stood there for a minuet before answering “My mum was a buyer for a boutique back in San Fransico” “And you are our new best friend” Lydia responded looked at Allison and then me. “I’m Lydia and this is Sage” “Hey Lydia and yeah me and Sage have met” She looked at me and said hello “Hey Allison, this is the friend I was saying you need to meet” We both laughed. I saw another figure come over and wrap their arms around Lydia and mumble a hey to her and gave her a quick kiss, he then looked up and saw Me and Allison, “Hey Sage” He said and moved closer to me giving me and quick hug, “Hey Jackson, this is Allison” I told him, he gave her a small smile and nod of the head. 


 “So this weekend” Lydia started “Theres a party” “A party?" Allison questioned, “Yeah Friday night” Jackson continued for her. “You should come” He finished “Oh I cant, its family night this Friday, but thanks for asking” Allison answered. “You sure?” Jackson pushed, “Everyone’s going after this premiership” “You mean like football?” This is where I took over “Football? Thats a joke here, the sport here is lacrosse” Jackson continued wanting to brag, “We’ve won the state championship for the past 3 years” “Because of a certain team captain” Lydia flirted with her boyfriend, “We have practise in a few minuets Jackson started, “Yeh you should come” Lydia told her “Oh no I was-“ “ok cool your coming” Lydia interrupted her and took Allison by the wrist dragging her with us as we walked off with me and Jackson behind Lydia and Allison. 







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