The Goofy Sidekick {Teen Wolf-Stiles Stilinski}

Sage McCall is Scott McCalls twin sister and best friends with Lydia Martin, Jackson Whittemore and Danny Māhealani. Her and her brother don’t really hang out in the same social groups but still get along majority of the time. Everything was perfectly normal, Sage was on a call with Lydia deciding her first day back to school outfit, but then everything that happened after that seemed to go downhill. Her brothers goofy best friend Stiles Stilinski made the trio go looking for half a dead body and Scott got attacked and to make matters worse Sage cannot decided her feelings towards the goofy sidekick (Stiles)

I suck at summarising sorry I’m not very good at this but the story is hopefully better.
Based off season 1 and the sequel will be based off season 2 and so on ……


2. Chapter 1

Sages POV: 

I'm was sitting on my bed with my legs crossed and my laptop sitting on top of them as I scrolled through Tumblr looking at some pictures of my favourite band 5 Seconds of Summer. I was mainly looking at ones of Luke because he is my favourite, like who can resist him he is perfection. I had just fished talking to my best friend Lydia about what to wear to school tomorrow since it was the first day back. I also had Voodoo doll by 5SOS playing from my laptop and bobbing my head along to the beat of the chorus, Tell me where your hiding your voodoo doll, cause I can’t control myself, I don’t wanna stay, wanna run away but I’m trapped under your spell. My favourite bit was coming up now but I heard a loud noise so paused my music and listened again but this time instead of hearing a noise i saw my door swings open revealing Scott standing in my door frame with a baseball bat in his hands, “Did you hear that noise Sage?” “Yeah it sounded like it came from downstairs” I replied to him and he just nodded at me and started walking down the stair, so I quickly put my laptop on my bed and got up running to catch up to Scott at the bottom of the stairs. Scott looked back at me and put his index finger to his lips signalling for me to be quiet as he opened the front door. Nothing happened when he opened the door so we both crept out onto the patio, Scott holding the baseball bat high in the air at the perfect angle to hit an opponent. Once again nothing happened and it was silent, until a body swung down from the roof making me jump backwards until I heard the familiar laugh of Stiles Stilinski. 


“What the hell Stiles!!!!” Me and Scott yelled a the same time “Stupid twin thing is creepy” I heard Stiles mumble under his breath, “Guess what guys” He spoke louder this time as for us to here him. “What” Scott asked/yelled at him obviously mad at Stiles for scaring us.  “Well I was listening into dad’s radio call (his father is the sheriff in our town)and 2 joggers found a found a body in the woods and we are going to go and look for it" he for some reason was excited about this, as he said this he jumped down so he was standing in front of us.”A dead boy?” I heard my brother ask, “No a body of water, yes dumbass a dead body” I giggled at Stiles reply. There was one question that I wanted to know though, “If they know where the body is then what do you want to look for?” Stiles just smiled at me before he said “That my friend is the best part, they only found half of the girls body so WE are going to find the other half” He was still grinning like crazy while he said that. “Okay well you boys have fun finding half a dead body byeee” I told them as I started off back towards the front door. “Noooooooooooooo you have to come with us, it will be fun and you never hang out with us any more Sage pleaseeeeeeeeeee” I hear the voice of Stiles whining at me begging me to come with them. “But—“ Before I could finish I was cut off  by Stiles and Scott both whining at me and begging me to go with them, it was getting really annoying so I finally gave in, “Okay, okay fine I’ll come with you guys just give me a minuet to get dressed because I’m not going into the woods in my P.J’s” I told them. “Oh great if we have to wait for her to change we will be waiting forever to leave” Stiles whined as I once again made my way back to the house.  To the boys surprise I ply took about 5 minuets to get changed, since it was a little bit cold I wore a pair of black leggings and a big sloppy grey jumper over the top of it with a pair of black slip on sneakers, putting my medium length hair into a low ponytail. 


I walked out the door after I got an apple of the kitchen bench seeing the boys looking surprised at how fast I had gotten ready which made me laugh. The  3 of us walked over to Stiles jeep, well the boys walked and I ran so that I could have shotgun because Scott normally takes shotgun, so I was happy when I got there first. “Since you are here first you need to get into the back because otherwise I won’t be able to get into the car, so you need to go in the back Sage.” Damn I thought to myself, I should have seen that coming from Scott, he always seems to find a way to get shotgun its not fair. I muttered a few things and climbed into the back of the Jeep crossing my arm with a huff as I sat down and clicked my seatbelt. The drive was really boring for me because half the time I had no idea what Scott and Stiles were talking about, probably some video game or something like that, so I just stared out the window watching as we drove past many trees until finally the Jeep came to a sudden stop, which I wasn’t expecting, launching me forward as far as the seatbelt would let me. 


“We’re here” Stiles says from the front. We all silently got out of the car and followed Stiles into the woods, we walked for a while and talked about little things like lacrosse and how Scott is going to try to get into first line this year, until a question started bugging me, “Um Stiles” “Yep” He popped the p, “Well, just wondering…. what half of the body are we looking for?” “Oh um that well um yeah I don’t know”, I mentally face-palmed Great. Then Scott piped up “Well what if the killer is still out here?” Stiles once again reply with a very brief answer “Hm I didn’t think of that” “Good to know you put your usual amount of thought into this Stiles” Scott replied to him with a smirk. I wrapped my arms around my body to keep me warm because the weather was starting to get cooler. We continued to walk until we heard voices and saw flashlights. Stiles told us to run and that he would go to the people with flashlights, who we guessed were the police, so they wouldn’t keep coming this way because they heard a noise “But if thats your dad Stiles, he will know you wouldn’t come out here by yourself , he isn’t stupid” “Yeh I guess your your right Sage, ummm” The lights came closer and Scott was closer to a big tree then me and Stiles so I ran forward with Stiles towards the police and slowed down as we got closer to them. I looked back and saw Scott just getting behind the large tree so I could no longer see him. 


“Stiles? Sage?” Hearing the voice made me snap my head back to the direction that we were heading in, “Hey Dad” Stiles says, I nod my head at him and say hello to Sheriff Stilinski. He asks us why we are in the woods and Stiles had quite a pathetic excuse, “We were umm going for a walk?” He said it as more of a question then a convincing statement. “What he means is that we were out here for a jog because Stiles is helping get my fitness up since I want to start” I couldn’t think of anything to finish my sentence but Stiles piped up “She is going to start doing boxing again, do you remember when she used to do and stopped a few years ago” He said it with a convincing tone and a massive smile painted on his face. Why? why did he have to say that, I thought to myself, I stopped doing boxing for a reason and now Mr Stilinski will expect me to start doing it again, no way can I do it again, never. As much as I didn’t want to say it, I agreed with Stiles and told Mr Stilinski  "I am planning on starting to do boxing again and that I need to get into shape for it so I am doing night runs since the weather is nicer at night” I must have been pretty believable because he bought it. “Okay then where is Scott huh?” Stiles answered straight away “He stayed home because he wanted to have plenty of rest since it is lacrosse try outs tomorrow and he wants to get first line” Mr Stilinski asked a few more questions but finally told Stiles and me to go to the Jeep and that Stiles needed to take me home. 


The ride home was silent majority of the time until I decided to speak up, “Do you think Scott will be okay? I wonder where he is right now.” Stiles exhaled loudly then spoke “Sage, I’m sure that he is fine trust me he is probably on his way home as we speak.” he gave me a reassuring smile, it gave me a slight bit of comfort. We sat in comfortable silence again. “Do you um want me to stay with you if Scott isn’t back by the time we are? Well he obviously won’t be back before us because we are in a car and he is just walking but I mean um do you want me to stay with you until he gets home?” I felt my checks warm up a bit, wait why was I blushing I thought, its not like I have a crush on him or anything and even if I did, it could be pointless because he has had a MASSIVE crush on my Lydia ,who just happens to be my best friend, since 3rd grade. “Only if you are sure your dad won’t get mad because you are meant to go straight home? and its not like you can ask him because he thinks Scott is at home getting rest for tomorrow.” “Its fine really, I’m already in trouble with him and he will probably be out all night looking for the other half of the body anyway.” “Then yeah I would like it if you stayed until Scott gets home because I’m really worried about him” I paused and gave him a small smile before thanking him, letting the car settle back into a peaceful silence. 




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