Nothing will ever be the same.

Two 16 year old girls travel the world in search of one another.


1. Preface

“NO, NO, NO” Screamed the director. “THAT IS NOT YOUR LINE! Must we go over this again?” my best friend whispered “ummm no Miss. Scott.”

Miss. Scott, how to describe her? She is rather tall with short brown hair. Wonderful posture and pretty brown eyes. So, with all of that she would seem rather nice, wise and peaceful. But she is not! She is like a she-devil! An all powerful she-devil!

“So if we don’t have to go over it again, WHY DO YOU KEEP MESSING UP!?!”

Now I don’t like it when peoples yell at Samantha’ Samantha is my all time mega ultra best buddy. She is not especially tall, she has short black hair, styled up in so many spikes that I can’t count them all. Her hair looks a bit like a porcupine. She has that style that is rather ‘punk’ . Bright green eyes, and well she is like a tomboy. I guess, she is a bit of both. girly-ness and boy aura.

“I-I’m not sure M-Miss. Sc-sc-Scott.” Sam stutters. “Yeah?!? Well, Samantha, let me say this slowly, you, are, in, DETENTION! And rejected from this play. I never want to see you again!”

And so. we left...

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