The Concert

Hey I'm Zoey most people call me Zoe though! There is one simple thing I hate about me, I'm blind. It was in a freak car accident. So my bestie, Nicole takes me to a 1D concert because I love them!
I wonder what will happen…


2. Tickets

"Kenzie!" I heard Nicole call. "WHAT?!" I yelled back annoyed

"Come here I have a surprise!!" Nicole yelled again. "Ok where are you though?" "Where do you think? I'm in the kitchen!" "OK ILL BE RIGHT THERE!" I screamed so I can make her angry. **walks and bumps in to a few things Nicole didn't put away** "Okay what?" "I have something to tell you…" she trailed off. I was getting worried and thinking different possibilities. Bad ones… like she is moving out to be with her boyfriend or another friend and I would be alone! Then she said "I HAVE CONCERT TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!!!" I was sooooo happy! Ad also 5 Seconds Of Summer was their opening band so I was even more excited!!! "ISNT 5SOS THEIR OPENING BAND ALSO!?" I screamed/asked. "YES!YES!YES!!!" Nicole screamed back. I was super happy! "And guess what else!?" She said teasing me "OMG WHAT!" I screamed not caring. "I GOT BACKSTAGE PASSES FOR BOTH BANDS!!" "WHAT WHEN IS THE CONCERT!?" "Your birthday!" Nicole says happily. "WHAT! THATS IN TWO DAYS! TWO DAYS!!" "I know I just wanted to wait to make you even more excited!" "Ok well let's go SHOPPING!"

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