The Blades||5SOS||


5. 4

Calum's Prov:

This girl tried to flirt with me, it was pretty gross. I really didn't care though.

Percy and I walked down the hall of the school with locked arms. She was so beautiful, I'm positive she was popular. I've been bestfriend a with Percy since I could remember. But I had to leave. My parents never told me why, but we just did. I didn't want to leave her, we texted sometimes, but not a lot.

We decided just to ditch school and wonder around town. It felt good to be back. I mean, I made other bestfriends. But I still missed Percy.


After wondering, we decided to go to my place since she didn't want to oh to hers. I didn't understand, when I left her house was pretty nice and all and her parents were the nicest people ever. But she insisted to go to my place.

We decided to have a movie marathon, so she got the snacks while I excused myself to secretly call Ashton, Micheal, and Luke. Percy didn't know I'm in a band, but I plan on telling her tonight.

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