The Blades||5SOS||


3. 3

Percy's Prov:

"Calum. Calum. Omg Calum." Is all I could think. He ran up to me and picked me up. He spent me around a little bit then placed me on the ground. He hugged me tightly intill I pulled away to look at him. "You. You look so different Sky." He said in a happy voice. I knew Calum didn't know I cut, nobody does. And nobody needs to know. I checked him out, "you have no room to talk mister" I laugh. I missed him so much, he's my best-friend, nothin more. We were talking in middle of the hallway as Candy, the high school prep and slut, walked up to Calum. She pushed me out of the way and grabbed on the Calum's muscular arm. "Hi there" she said while biting her lip. "Um, hi. I can't talk right now. I need to catch up with Skyfall." He said as he started walking away. I became petrified as I saw the look on Candy's face. It was like she was hurt that he rejected her, but secretly plotting a way to take me down.

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