1. the beginning

It all started in the recording studeo. I help write the boys songs. I know i know best Jon ever. But some times it gets very confusing. We have to switch jobs and we have been switching jobs a lot. Who is we? Me and my best friend. She is in love with this job, me I don't know. Keira, my best friend was making me read the fan mail. I have cuts and bruises all over my hands. One day Keira was in the room with Ashton, luke, and Calum. I didn't know we're Michael was but that wasn't my job. I was writing a box open when my hand started to bleed. It got worst because it was a deep cut, I had to go to the hospital. Micheal them comes I. The room and helps me. He pulled his shirt sleeve off wrapped my hand up, but I lost all the feeling in my hand. All I could rember was Michael picking me up and running...

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