Backstage Passes

Taylor Green has a less than extravagant life. She gets made fun of at school, she lives in a crummy part of the city, and is the daughter to a drunk widow who can't seem to get her priorities straight. Taylor really only has her friend Sarah, and her brother Zach. When finally, she sees that One Direction are going to be in town, and she takes this opportunity to meet her idols. She and Sarah decide to camp outside the venue, little does she know that her life is about to change forever.


3. Chapter 3

We were parked outside of Mike’s house to drop off Zach. “I’ll pick you up in the morning, okay? Thanks again.” “okay, and no problem sis. Have fun tonight.” He began to joke around “No funny business okay? I want you home by 10 o’clock.” Sarah and I laugh. “Yes sir!” I replied. He shut the door and waved goodbye as we drove off.

It was around 5pm when Sarah and I returned to the venue. There were already thousands of screaming girls surrounding the arena. My initial thought was “how the heck am I going to get in?” We walked over to the arena and I clasped my backstage pass tightly. Sarah took the lead and made her way through the crowd, she was a very assertive person. I just held on to her arm and apologized to everyone as we walked by. We made our way to the front of the crowd and there stood 4 security guards blocking the backstage entrance. Sarah quickly flashed her pass and the guard nodded and let her pass, she pulled me so fast he barely got a chance to make sure mine was even valid. there was another security guard with keys in his hands and began unlocking the door. “Do you know these boys personally?” he asked. Sarah was quick to respond, “Well kinda, we just met them today.” she giggled. He opened the door and let us in.

It was so dark, I stood still for a second while I waited for my eyes to adjust. I looked to the right and saw an open door leading into a lighted room. I nudged Sarah. “There.” we slowly made our way to the doorway, My stomach sank as we approached. I walked in and saw the One Direction and 5SOS boys all sitting on the couch laughing. Niall waved and they all turned around and looked at us. I couldn’t even say hi so I just stood there and smiled. Niall jumped off the couch and jogged over to us, “You ladies look lovely.” He looked me up and down and gave me his crooked smile that made me weak at the knees. “Come join us, we were just having a laugh.” he motioned for us to follow him, so we did. Sarah sat down on a futon, and Niall offered me his seat on the couch next to Luke. I sat down and he sat on the armrest beside me and kinda leaned on me. Luke was holding a huge teddy bear in his arms, he stuck out his hand over it and introduced himself.

“oh i know who you are” i said laughing, “I’m Taylor.” “Nice to meet you Taylor. oh and by the way, this isn’t my teddy bear, this is Calums. Im just holding it for him. Im a man I don’t need teddy bears.” He started laughing and Michael said “Then why were you sleeping with it last night?” Calum dropped his corn dog on his plate and exclaimed “TEDDY! You cheated on me?!” Luke laughed snuggled closer to the bear. Niall began cracking up as we all watched Calum fight Luke for the bear.

Lou walked in, “Alright boys, time to get ready! whose first?” Nobody moved, seconds later Harry got up, “Alright alright everybody, don’t all get up at the same time!” He and Lou walked into the next room.

When Niall was out of the room to get his hair done, Luke asked me, “Taylor, are you single?” why do they keep asking me this? “yes, why?” “I think Niall may have a crush on you.” he bit his lip ring in a flirty kind of way. I could feel my eyes widen. “On me? no, I don’t think so. He would never have a crush on me, besides i just met him today. He barely knows me.” He shrugged his shoulders, “Okay, maybe he doesn’t have a complete crush on you, but I do know he’s interested.” “how do you know this?” “He wouldn’t stop talking about how beautiful you are, today.” I could feel my smile stretching all the way across my face. “Really?” I asked in a crazy high pitched voice. He nodded his head smiling.

Could Niall Horan actually think i’m beautiful? Luke must be mistaken. I look over at Sarah in hopes that she heard the conversation between Luke and I. But she was too busy flirting with Ashton to even notice. I just sat quietly, trying not to smile like an idiot. I kept tugging on my backstage pass nervously. Luke looked back over his shoulder and winked at me, “here he comes” he smiled and squeezed my knee. I think, he thought, that he was helping to calm my nerves, but he was doing the complete opposite. I could hardly breathe. Niall returned and sat back on the arm rest beside me. “What’d I miss lads?” “Well, Mark won’t let me have any more pizza rolls.” Michael replied in an annoyed tone. “He said their bad for my colon” he used finger quotations while saying this. Niall let out a laugh. He looked at me, and could tell I was uneasy. he nudged me and mouthed “You okay?” I just smiled and nodded. Paul entered the room, “Alright 5SOS, lets go! shows about to start.” the 4 5SOS boys got up and we all wished them good luck. It was only minutes later until I heard the boys begin to play. Sarah wanted to go watch Ashton so I told Niall that I would see him after the show, and I wished him good luck. He gave me a hug and told me to enjoy the concert.

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