The echoing darkness

A shiver ran up my spine, freezing my body stiff. I can hear pain filled screams reaching every corner of the dark room. Barricading of every wall until I am filled with torment. Yet another night were the monster from below envelopes the darkness around me.


2. Alone

I shove my school bag onto the granite worktop, and listen to the beautiful silence of the house. This is when im happy im alone but its light. it always has to be light. Its stupid really a fifteen year old girl scared of the dark. Mum must still be at work, and dad goes away for work trips over a week so he will be up south somewhere. So it's just me.

I really wish i had a brother or a sister. They would just brighten up my life, oh i can see there pretty little smiles and beaming eyes. Mum and don't want another child although i am constantly bugging them about it. my family is wierdly religous. They never forced it onto me so i don't know the facts but they say something about one child is a sacrifice two is a safe heaven. That's what  idont understand, i mean i am the first child so why not "sacrifice" me, too what i don't know.

 I run upstairs and grab my I Pod. Birdy blares out at me singing Not About Angels. This is my favourite song it's so beautiful it makes me want to cry. I have this sudden urge for company so i call Max.

Twenty minutes later me and Max sit watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we have seen this episode about three million times but it just never gets old! We talk about non-interesting school stuff and how much we hate our bosses at our work etc. But im not really listening. I can't help but notice the way his hand is on my leg. It feels so warm, like its ment to fit right there. He see's me notice it and quickly moves away. He stands abruptly.

"I have to go he says, grabbing his jacket and practically running out the house. What was going on with him. Now it's just me, alone again, and it's getting dark.

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