Instinct of Rebellion

"You gave them hope", he said.
"You could destroy everything"
By two different people, Phoenix, unsure of her real identity, was told both statements. Trying to figure out her new powers, Phoenix must escape along with fifteen, possibly sixteen others. The city is not safe to return to and neither is the place she was imprisoned. Decisions and contradictions seem to be the only thing Phoenix now knows.


3. 3.

“Three, two, one!”, I shouted. Fifteen panes of glass shattered and disintegrated at once. Fifteen people stepped out into the corridor. I had one by one broken the blue glass on every cell and was still alive. The cells now all stood empty and gaping, lacking a fourth wall and a prisoner. I stood with my back against the wall, feeling slightly weak. “We’re out!”, one of the girls exclaimed. She had emerald eyes, as did the girl next to her and a couple of the boys. They were Section 4. The majority of the others had amber eyes like Zed. I supposed he was right. Section 3 must have been the worst Section. The remaining people had pale jade eyes. They must’ve been from Section 2.
Zed walked up to me as I was catching my breath. “Thank you. On behalf of all of us”, he said. I nodded. He turned to the others. “Alright, we need to get out of this place. From what I remember, the place is massive. Even though it isn’t well-guarded, they will do something if they see us. Any ideas for how we can get out?”, he asked everyone. Everyone was silent as they began thinking. I looked up. The hall had a high ceiling above the lights. Through the maze of pipes and beams, I saw a flash of blue. It was a window, one I could break. I tapped Zed.
“Zed, there’s a window at the top made of blue glass. If someone can boost me up, I can go and break it”, I told him. Zed nodded.
“Right”, he said, looking up at the beams. “Who’s tallest?”
A boy with jade eyes stepped forward and looked at the others. “Me, I think”, he said.
“Okay, Jasper, will you boost Phoenix as high as you can?”, Zed asked. Jasper nodded and locked his hands. I stood gently on Jasper’s hands, trying not to hurt him with my boots. Zed stood behind me, keeping his hands lightly on the back of my legs to stop me falling. I put my hands up and grabbed for the beam. Once I’d checked it was stable, I hoisted myself up and sat on the beam, keeping my head low so I didn’t hit it on the pipes. I looked around, trying to figure out my next move.
I crawled along the beam slowly, making sure I didn’t slip, then stood up on it in an area with no pipes above it. I weaved my body through and crouched on another beam. The pipes were too warm to balance on so I looked for another beam. There was a final one before the window at the top but it was too far to reach. I would have to step quickly on a pipe then pull myself onto it. I counted to five to ready myself then acted upon the move I had planned out. I slipped slightly and screamed but managed to get a grip on the beam. I pulled myself up then checked for injuries. My hands were cut open. “You okay, Phee?”, Zed called.
“Kind of”, I replied, reaching up to the window. It again was too high up. I could crack it if I jumped out but I would have nothing to land on. “Who’s the strongest down there?”, I called.
“Why?”, Zed asked uneasily.
“I can’t reach the window to crack it unless jump outwards. There’s a clear way down but I need someone to catch me at the bottom.”
“Hang on”, Zed called. I heard discussion but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Finally, Zed called up again. “Copper and I are waiting at the bottom of the gap. We’re ready when you are.”
“Okay, here I go!”, I said as I jumped. I hit the glass as hard as I could and thankfully heard it crack before I started screaming. I fell through the gap at a bad angle and ended up crashing onto one of the beams. I was too shocked to shout. Pain coursed through my body so badly I almost didn’t feel as I began falling again. I hit something softer this time. I lay in the arms of Zed and a boy I assumed was Copper. He, like Jasper, had Jade eyes.
“Phee?”, I heard Zed say. His voice sounded distant and his figure was blurry through my half-open eyes. I could hardly breathe, the impact of the beam had knocked all of the air out of me. My body shook as Copper and Zed lay me on the floor. I could hear people speaking but it all seemed fuzzy. Eventually, I started hyperventilating. To me, it seemed like a good sign but the others didn’t seem so sure. Their figures came into focus quickly when I felt a sharp pain in my knee. I sat up quickly and ignored the dizziness I experienced. Something in my knee felt like it was ripping. The pain made my breaths short and uneven. I had to slow them down.
After five minutes, I managed to get my breathing back to normal. “Phoenix?”, Zed said. I nodded, showing him I was fully conscious. “The window”, I said. “There’s no way we’re getting out that way.”
“I think you’re right. You okay? What’s injured?”
“I’m okay”, I lied. “I’m just a little sore.” Not quite believing me, Zed turned back to the others.
“Has anyone got any other ideas?”, Zed asked, sitting down next to me.
“Zed, can you remember where the door is in here?”, a boy with emerald eyes asked.
“Second panel from the left at that end, Fen”, Zed replied.
“Reckon they have a uniform room? If so, someone can try and get at least one set so we can scout around the place without having to sneak around”, Fen explained.
“I think there was one, just down the hall”, Zed finished.
“I’ll go”, the smaller of the two girls volunteered.
“You sure, Ara?”, Fen asked. Ara nodded.
“I think I’ll get through easier. Which way is it, Zed?”, she continued.
“Hmm”, Zed said shutting his eyes. “To the right. Second door on the left side of the hall.”
“Right, I’ll go now”, Ara said, making towards where Zed said the door was. Fen stopped her before she opened the door.
“You sure you’ll be alright?”, he whispered. Ara nodded and left swiftly.

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