War Journal

Frank Castle was a good man, a decorated marine who moved into private security to provide for his family, his wife Marie and their kids Abigail and Francis Jr. All that changed one a summers day at a picnic in Central Park. His family wiped out, a seriously injured Frank lay in his hospital bed with one thing in mind, revenge against the gangsters who killed them. To do that he will forsake everything about his old life and become something even criminals fear and he will punish them all for what they've done.


1. The Plan

War Journal Entry Number 1 08-12-1993


Thinking back that was the day I decided I was going to do something, that I was going to get my revenge, I don't care what that crock lawyer Murdoch told me,


I know there is no justice to be had in the system. It's corrupt and beyond repair. As far as I can tell If you have enough money you can buy the right connections to keep you out of jail, or if you can scare enough people out of testifying against you, stay out of prison.


Either way you can get away with murder.


You can get away free and clear of the slaughter of innocent women and children.


They just become statistics unfortunate victims of crime, well I'm not going to let that happen, I am going to fight back I am going to make every last one of them the victim. Foot soldier or gangland boss they will fall victim to me.


No not Frank Castle, he died that day along with his wife and kids now I'm someone, something else I am the Punisher. There is no judge jury except me. I am your judge your jury and I've already found you all guilty, and I will deliver your punishment, I will be your executioner.

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