Just Friends (A Joe Sugg/ThatcherJoe fanfiction)

After meeting him on holiday and then losing contact with him over 5 months and then becoming his roommate, Skye finds herself becoming good friends with Joe Sugg. They find themselves becoming more than friends but with work and the hate from the fans, is it better to just stay friends?


6. Chapter 6

*5 months later*

I looked out my train window, happy that I was leaving Birmingham. My dad and my mum both got jobs in Brazil and was moving there. But I wasn't going with them. No, me and Harry went our separate ways. Whilst he was going to be happily living with his fiancé in LA, I was moving to London, hoping to find work.

My phone then rang and I picked it up to see who it was. Unknown number. I picked it up anyway.

"Hey Caspar!"

The person on the other end had a vaguely familiar voice but I ignored that. They had obviously got the wrong name.

"Sorry, this isn't Caspar." I said. "It's Skye, I think you have the wrong number."

"Oh okay sorry."

I was just about to hang up when he suddenly started telling me to wait.

"Wait wait wait. If you don't mind me asking, Skye, what's your last name?"

"I'll tell you. If you tell me yours first."

I wasn't gonna give my last name to someone if I didn't know who they were. Besides I was curious, their voice sounded familiar but I didn't know where I had heard it from.

"Joe. Joe Sugg."

Joe Sugg? I started to rack my brains trying to think if I had ever know a Joe Sugg. I fiddled with my charm bracelet that I got from my holiday in Greece, it helped me think.

That was it! Greece! I met Joe Sugg on my holiday in Greece. I remember sitting by my phone when I got back, waiting for my phone call. It's been five months now and he never called.

"Skye Wills. I met you in Greece."

"Skye?! How long has it been? 5 months?"

"You had my number..."

"I know, I know, I left it in the villa I was staying in by accident."

I smiled to myself. I was so happy because I had been wondering for a long time why he never called and to be honest, it lowered my self esteem quite a bit. I was also happy because I had missed Joe. I had never had a friend like him."

"Wait, you live in London, right?" I asked him.

"Yeah, why?"

"I'm moving to London! I'm on the train right now!"

"We should meet up!"

"Sure, I'd love to."

"Cool. Can I pick you up from the station?"

"Sure, my train arrives at 3:00."

"Okay I'll be there. I can't wait to see you."

"I can't wait to see you either"

I smiled and hanged up.

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