Just Friends (A Joe Sugg/ThatcherJoe fanfiction)

After meeting him on holiday and then losing contact with him over 5 months and then becoming his roommate, Skye finds herself becoming good friends with Joe Sugg. They find themselves becoming more than friends but with work and the hate from the fans, is it better to just stay friends?


2. Chapter 2

"Skye, Skye, Skye, Skye."

I woke up to see my brother poking me in the leg and repeating my name over and over. He always would find the most annoying ways to wake me up.

"Okay I'm awake! What do you want!" I asked angrily.

"You know when we went to dinner with the other families last night?"


"One of the boys from there is asking to see you."

The only boys that talked to me last night at dinner were Joe and Alfie. Balance of probability told me it was probably Joe.

"Okay well tell him he can come in."

I was still wearing pyjamas but only a tank top and shorts, it wasn't inappropriate or anything. When Harry went downstairs to get him, I gave my hair a quick brush and popped a mint into my mouth to get rid of the morning breath.

"Hey." Joe said.

I looked up and smiled at him leaning against my doorframe. He was all dressed and everything.

"How are you dressed?" I asked.

"How are you not?" He said, nodding at the clock.

It was already 12:30. Oops.

"Point made. I'll be dressed in a minute. Where did you say we were going?" I asked.

"I told you, it's a surprise."

"Ugh okay. Well any ideas on what I should wear?"

"Something comfortable. I'll wait outside."

As soon as Joe left, I started to pull on some denim shorts and a red t shirt since it was very hot outside.

"Ready?" Joe smiled at me.

"Ready!" I smiled and set off with him.

We walked down to the beach but didn't actually go on the beach. Instead, Joe turned a corner and started walking on a cliff which had a walking trail.

"We're going on a hike?" I asked.

"Not necessarily." He smirked at me.

I sighed. Joe was carrying a hiking rucksack on his back and he still wouldn't tell me where we were going.

"So are we going to spend the whole walk silent or are we going to actually talk to each other?" Joe grinned at me.

I laughed. "Okay, lets get I know each other. Who is Joe? I don't know your last name."

Joe grinned. "Joe Sugg is a YouTuber."

"A YouTuber?" I asked, confused.

I didn't really watch YouTube that often and when I did, it was to watch music videos.

"Yeah I make YouTube videos." Joe said.

"About what?"

"Anything I like."

I smiled. It sounded interesting, I might search him up when I get home.

We talked and walked for the next half an hour and I didn't even realise how tired I had gotten.

"Here we are!" Joe said.

We had got to a high point in the cliff, overlooking the sea. The view was amazing. I looked down and all I could see was the dark blue sea.

"The view is amazing!" I exclaimed.

"Jump." He said, smiling.

I turned around and my eyes widened? Did he just tell me to jump? I assumed it was a joke so I started to laugh.

"No I'm being serious. We're going to jump."

Joe began to take his shirt off and he was already in his beach shorts so I think he actually was being serious.

"J-jump?" I stuttered.

"Yeah, into the sea. It's perfectly safe, trust me."

"I don't have my swimming costume." I said, happy I had found an excuse.

"I cleaned Zoe's bikini and asked her if you could use it today and she said yes."

"Why didn't you just ask me if I could bring a swimsuit?" I asked.

"I didn't want to ruin the surprise."

Joe got a bikini out of his bag and threw it to me.

"I won't look." He said, covering his eyes.

I quickly got changed, hoping no one would see. Once I was changed, I tied my hair up into a bun and looked down at the sea.

"You're sure it's safe?" I asked Joe.

"One hundred percent."

Joe held out his hand to me.

"We'll jump together, okay?" He smiled at me.

I took a deep breath, grabbed his hand and jumped.

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