Just Friends (A Joe Sugg/ThatcherJoe fanfiction)

After meeting him on holiday and then losing contact with him over 5 months and then becoming his roommate, Skye finds herself becoming good friends with Joe Sugg. They find themselves becoming more than friends but with work and the hate from the fans, is it better to just stay friends?


1. Chapter 1

"Skye! Are you ready yet?"

My mum was hurrying me again. I didn't understand why it was such a big deal where we were going. We were on holiday in Greece where sets of families would all go to different places together. All of the family's villas were even on the same street.

Tonight, all the families were going to go to a restaurant together and all have dinner. I definitely did not want to go.

"Skye! Hurry up!"

I sighed and took one last look at myself in the mirror. I decided to go with a pink dress with my hair curled at the ends. I had a naked face since I wore no makeup.

"We're going to be late Skye, come on!"

I made my way downstairs and my mother pulled me out the door and down to the restaurant. My brother, Harry dragged behind. Clearly, he hated this just as much as I did.

"Sorry we're late. Some of us were taking a while to get ready." My father said.

"That's all okay!" The instructor of this trip then turned to me and smiled. "There is a young adults table right over there."

He pointed to a group of people in their 20's, like me. They were all talking and laughing. Obviously, there were all already friends and I didn't want to be the new awkward girl.

"No thank you." I said.

My mum simply laughed. "She's joking, of course she would love to make some new friends!"

I opened my mouth to argue but she shot me a glare that told me I wouldn't win the argument. It was ridiculous, I was 20 years old yet my mum treated me like a 12 year old.

Reluctantly, I walked up to the "young adults" table. As they saw me approaching, their conversation trailed off. I looked at them. There was a girl with long ombre hair sitting next to a boy with black curly hair. Opposite them sat another boy with an empty chair next to him.

"Hi!" The girl smiled at me.

"Um hi! I'm sorry, my mum sort of made me come here... But I can easily just go back so just say if you-"

"No, of course not! We'd love you to stay!" The girl said.

I awkwardly sat down next to the boy with the empty chair next to him. I can't believe how pathetic I sounded when I told them my mum made me come here.

"I'm- I'm not like a child, I'm 20, it's- it's just my mother..." I stuttered.

"Don't worry about it, it's clear to see you're not a child." The girl said. "I'm Zoe and this is my boyfriend, Alfie. Oh and that's my brother, Joe."

I smiled at them all and they all gave me a smile back.

"I'm Skye." I said.

The next hour was some of the most fun I had had in ages. We all talked and laughed together. They are all so nice and they were all so interesting.

"So how much longer are you here for, Skye?" Alfie asked me.

"Five more days then back to Birmingham. What about you?"

"We're here for two more days then back to London." Said Zoe. "Hey, tomorrow me and Alfie were planning to go to lunch tomorrow. Would you guys like to come?"

"Nah, I've had a lot of lunches with Zalfie over the past week." Joe turned to me and smiled. "Skye, would you like to hang out tomorrow?"

I was a little shocked by Joe's invitation. I wanted to go with him but I didn't want to be rude to Zoe and Alfie, since they invited me first. But when I looked at Zoe, she smiled and gave a little nod so I turned around and smiled at Joe.

"Sure! Where do you have in mind?"

"It will be a surprise." He said, smiling and giving me a wink.

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