Justin and Lorie has been best friends since birth. They grew up together, did everything together till Lorie gets a boyfriend. Justin's lost without his best friend and goes the wrong way on. They're both in senior year, that means prom at the end. With who is she gonna go? Will Justin be okay?


8. What???

Justin's POV:

I haven't slept all night. Lorie is constantly in my head. I never ever thought about it, that she might has feelings for me, cause yeah, who am I? I was her best friend for years, we never thought of going into a relationship, but years past, we grew up and I guess feelings started to grow and eventually we fell for each other but never told anyone. Once a time we have to go out of the friendzone and yes there is this high risk of ruining our friendship, but I can't live the rest of my life hiding my feelings for her and I think she neither.  This is what I'm gonna do, I'm coming back from tour, I'm writing a song right now and I perform it at the prom. She is and will be my prom queen!


"JUSTIN!!!!! WAKE UP!!!! BIG DAY!!!!" Ry yelled. "uuuh, stop yelling!" I mumbled. I pulled my blanket over my head, closing my eyes again but Ry pulled the blanket away. "okay, fine... give me just a minute." I said with my sleepy voice. "Have you written a new song?" He asked. "Yes, it's for Lorie, I'm gonna perform it at prom." I explained while I got dressed. "She's definitely gonna fall harder for you, when you sing this." He smiled. "I hope so.." I said and smiled back. "Come on! We gotta go, last day of tour! You're excited?" "Of course! Why wouldn't I be?" I asked. "Idk man, Idk.. haha" We laughed and went both downstairs. "Morning mom, made breakfast?" I kissed her on the cheek. "Yes, it's in the kitchen." She said. "Thanks, you're the best." I gave her one more kiss and went to the kitchen. Ry and I began to eat, when suddenly my phone rang. "It's Lorie!" I said. "Pick up the phone man!" Ry said. "Hi?" I began. "Hye, umh, it's me." I heard her saying. It kept silent for a while. "You're heading home, I've heard?" She finally asked. "Yes, tonight after my last concert, I'm heading home." I answered. "I miss you..." She sighed. "I miss you too." I whispered into the phone and smiled. We both hung up and I went packing my stuff. 


"Mom, she called..." I said quietly. She looked up and smiled. "She said she missed me." She smiled again. "I'm gonna go, perform for the last time this year..." I said. "Okay, see you later." She said and I went outside to my car. I started the car and drove off. 


Lories POV:

It was night and I was watching TV, waiting till Justin calls me, to say he has arrived. "Ding Dong!" I heard the bell of the front door. I stood up and opened the door. A man with black clothes and a black cape that covered his whole face came in and grabbed me. "HELP!!!! GET OFF ME!!!" I yelled, but I guess no one will hear me. He pulled his pants down, threw me on the couch and lay on top of me, pulling my pants down too. "NOOOOO!!!! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!!" He didn't listen and just raped me for 5 minutes, then pulled his pants up again and ran away. I was in so much pain to even grab the phone and call the police. So I just lay there waiting for someone to come and find me but I guess, this is gonna take some time.


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