Justin and Lorie has been best friends since birth. They grew up together, did everything together till Lorie gets a boyfriend. Justin's lost without his best friend and goes the wrong way on. They're both in senior year, that means prom at the end. With who is she gonna go? Will Justin be okay?


9. Broken

Lorie's POV:

I opened my eyes, seeing I was in my room. My head, my face, my arms, my legs, everything hurt. I tried to move my body, used all the power I had to lift myself up, out of the bed and slowly walked to the bathroom. I put on the light and saw a blue face, blue shoulders and blood in the mirror. Never have I been so in shock. My whole face was full of bruises and blood, two blue eyes and legs full of cuts. I don't remember anything, I just remember that a man raped me and that I fell asleep on the couch but how the hell did I go to my room and who the hell did this to me? I went back to my room and sought for my phone, but then I thought, my phone lays on the couch, cause I was waiting for Justin to call me. Fuck!! Okay, in a way I need to go downstairs. I grabbed some stick that lied in the corridor, sat on my but and went as quietly as possible down. "Hello? Some one's here?" I said loud enough for people to hear me. Nothing to be heard, okay, safe I hope. As I was down, I stood back up from my but and walked towards the couch, where I saw my phone, in good condition. I grabbed it and dialed Ry's number, Justin can't see me like this. "Lorie? You're okay? We have called you a hundred times!" I heard Ry saying nervously. "Can you come over, an don't bring Justin please." I begged. "Huh? Why can't I bring him? Are you okay?" "Ry, just come over, door is open so you don't have to knock and don't bring him!" I snapped and hanged up. I lied back down and closed my eyes, hoping Ry will be here soon.


"Lorie? You're home?" I woke up hearing a voice calling my name. "Ry?" I asked scared. "Yes, it's me, where are you?" "Okay, don't fade, I'm in the living room and don't touch me!" I said. His face appeared in the doorway, his mouth falling open and his eyes blurry. Silently he walked towards me, without saying a word he came sitting next to me. "That's why I couldn't bring him, I guess." He whispered, wiping a tear that came down his cheek. "I need you to do me favor." I looked straight into his eyes, saying this is serious. He nodded. "I need you to bring me to the hospital and I need you to go the police. Will you do that for me?" I asked trying to get up, but I fell back down. "Sure!, You need help?" I nodded and he helped me to get up and dragged me in his car. We drove off to the hospital, finally. "What do I say to the police?" he asked, his eyes straight on the road. "Tell them I got raped and then woke up in my bedroom like this." I said looking down, too scared of his reaction after he heard I got raped. "You got...." I couldn't end his phrase. "Yes..." I whispered. "I need to call Justin, I can't do this alone beside I said I was going to the store buying food." "Nooooo!!! Ry, please! Don't tell him! Please I'm begging you!" "Lorie, he's gonna find out anyway, so rather I tell him now, or tomorrow, it all will be the same. I sighed and started crying. "Please, Ry! Don't tell him." "And then what? What if I don't.." Riiiing!! "Well here he is..." I looked waiting to see what he's gonna do. "Yes, Justin?" He answered his phone. "I'll be home in an hour, at least I hope." He said looking at me. "Idk why she isn't picking up her phone." He looked at me again, indicating he wants to tell him but I shook my head. "See ya!" "Thank you!" I sighed out of relieve he didn't tell Justin. "Why don't you want me to tell him?" He asked as he sought for parking his car. "I don't want him to see me like this." He got out of his car and carried me into the hospital. Immediately, there were nurses around me, asking what happened and he told them exactly what I said him to tell them. He put me down on a bed and I heard the nurses saying that he had to wait for me. "Wait!" I said as loud as I could. "Tell Justin I have always loved him." I closed my eyes again and drifted off.


Ry's POV:

I sat down in the waiting room and called Justin. I know she begged me not to do this but I have no choice. I can't do this alone. "Justin, sit down for a sec, I have some serious stuff to tell." I sighed and began to tell the whole story. "So now, I need you to go to the police and tell them what I just told you? Can you do that?" I asked. He didn't answer, it was completely silent. "Justin? Still there?" "Yeah, Ry I need to see her first, you go to the police." "No no no, you can't! Please Justin go report it an then go back home." I said bold. "But Ry, why can't I" "Because she doesn't want you to see her like this, I swear Justin, it's really bad." "Does she has an idea of who did this?" "No, not that she told me." "Okay,..." "Justin, maybe you should come over after you reported, although she begged me not to tell you, I think she needs you more than anything right now." "I will, I'm already on my way to the office. Do her parents already know?" "No, there on vacation, don't call them, otherwise they will be worried, we can take care of here as well." "Ry, I have arrived, I'm gonna report and then I come over." "Okay, later!" I hung up the phone and waited for the doctors to come and tell me something. 


An hour went by


In the mean time, Justin has arrived and we were still waiting for some news. It's already been an hour, Justin is so nervous he can't sit down. "Excuse me nurse?" Justin went to the nurse and I heard him asking if there wasn't any news from Lorie. "She's still in surgery, i'm sorry, I can't tell you more." The nurse said. "What? Why is she surgery?" Justin asked. "There was something wrong with her head, I'm sorry Sir, I really say anything anymore, stay calm and wait, I'll let you know, when she is out of surgery. He went back sitting to me. "Hold on Justin, she will be alright. She's such a strong girl." I comforted him, seeing he as crying. "I didn't take drugs since the day you told me she has feelings for me, Ry." "Keep it like that, Justin, keep up your head." "I love her so much. You know that day she introduced Louis to me, I was planning on telling her. I was so disappointed in her, I thought we were taking our friendship to an higher level, and then that?" "She has always loved you Justin." "How do you know?" "She told me right before she went in there."  "Lorie Williams?" The nurse called. We both stood up and went to hear what she has to tell us. "The surgery went well, but she is still asleep." "Can I see her?" Justin asked. "I'm afraid not." "Please! I really need to see her, I 'm begging you!" The nurse sighed. "Alright 5 minutes, only you." She said and lead Justin to Lories room while I waited.


Justins POV:

I walked in seeing her with a big bandage around her head, a tube in her mouth and her petite body all blue and full of bruises. Tears came out of my eyes. What for people do this? I've never been so hurt in my whole life, this hurts even harder than when she told me she had a boyfriend. There was a small smile through my tears, knowing she's the strongest girl ever, knowing she is amazing, knowing nobody's perfect but she is to me. I regret not telling her that I love her earlier, I regret fighting with her, I regret hurting her cause that is what I did the last. She tried to help me and I just pushed her away. I walked towards her, sliding my fingers softly against her cheeks. "I love you! Keep fighting, I know you're strong enough!" I whispered and gave her a kiss. "It's time." The nurse said. I touched her hand once more, then walked out. "You can visit her tomorrow morning, she will be awake by then." "Thank you very much." I said and walked out back to Ry. "We can visit her tomorrow morning." I said. "Come on, we're going home, it's been a rough day." We walked out, each to our car and drove off, heading home. 


A new day:


"Justin, wake up! They called, she's awake!" I heard Ry saying. I jumped out of bed, took a quick shower, got dressed and went downstairs to see Ry was already waiting for me. "You're nervous?" He asked while we were driving. "Yes, I can't wait to see her." "She might be mad, cause she..." "I know, I know I don't care if she's mad all that counts is that she's awake and that I can be there for her." I said. Ry parked the car and I jumped immediately out the car and ran into the hospital. "Excuse me, Lorie Williams?" I asked at the woman behind the desk. "Room 1089." "Thank you!" I said. "Here it is." I said at Ry. He nodded. I opened the door seeing Lorie sitting straight in her bed. She looked at me, then at Ry. "Who are you two guys?" She asked.



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