Justin and Lorie has been best friends since birth. They grew up together, did everything together till Lorie gets a boyfriend. Justin's lost without his best friend and goes the wrong way on. They're both in senior year, that means prom at the end. With who is she gonna go? Will Justin be okay?


2. Before

6th months ago:

Justin's POV:

Today is the day, I'm gonna tell Lorie. Next year it's prom, I've dreamed so long about it. I always imagined me going to the prom with Lorie. She, looking like a princess and I her prince at a white horse. Well today that dream might come true. This a big risk I take, I don't want to ruin our friendship but at the other hand every time I see her with another boyfriend - because yes she's had a lot of boyfriends - it just breaks my heart. And okay, we cuddle and we hang around a lot but it's just not the same. The reason I didn't tell her earlier? I don't know... I'm scared that everything we have, will be ruined. But anyways, now it's a right time to tell her how I really feel. She's single now so... I'm gonna take my chance.

I got out of bed and got dressed (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/482237072571520017/), ready for school. I looked out of the window, into Lorie's room. We always give a sign at each other when we're ready.  I saw Lorie giving me a virtual hug, so I virtual hugged her back. We both laughed and then went downstairs. I grabbed my backpack and went to her house. "Ready?" I asked as we hugged, this time a real hug. "As always!!" She responded. "You're so happy today, did I miss something?" "Uhm, maybe... You will see when we arrive." She explained and took my arm. It feels good to have her by my side. "By the way, you look very pretty today!" (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/513340057497192305/) I complimented her. She blushed but it was cute. "Thank you mister Bieber!" 

"Louis!!!!" Suddenly Lorie yelled and ran to a boy, I was once in a fight with. "Hye baby, you look pretty today." I heard him saying. What is this? What does she want from that boy? And why does he call her baby? "Justin!!!!" Lorie yelled. "What?" I said. "Louis, this is Justin, Justin this is my boyfriend." Lorie said. My mouth widened a bit. "I have to go to the toilet, see ya later. I left and went straight to the toilet. Just in time, I cried my eyes out, not again, ... I give up on this girl. She will never be mine and my dream about the prom... I can forget that one.



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