Justin and Lorie has been best friends since birth. They grew up together, did everything together till Lorie gets a boyfriend. Justin's lost without his best friend and goes the wrong way on. They're both in senior year, that means prom at the end. With who is she gonna go? Will Justin be okay?


1. Prologue

Hye, my name is Lorie and I'm 17. Justin's been my best friends since birth. We've always been neighbors, we grew up together, we did everything together, he's just my person. Justin has supported me through everything, when my grandparents died, when I was cranky, he was always my shoulder to cry on. 

We used to cuddle all the weekends, and you all will say why aren't you in a relationship? I don't actually know, I mean he's like the best person I've ever know. He's kind, sweet, handsome I think he's just the perfect boyfriend to have. 

Now I feel guilty. Everything's been so awkward between Justin and I, it's just not the same anymore. Since I have a boyfriend, he acts like he doesn't care about me anymore. I don't know what's going on with him. I need to find out. Lately he's been acting like a junkie and I don't know if he takes drugs or not but if he does, he's not on right path. Poor Justin, I never should of left him. 

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