Truth or Dare

How about a friendly game of Truth or Dare, hum? How about you go first...
So what is it going to be, truth or dare?


1. Prologue


Violet's POV


High School is a bitch, seriously, I can't take it. All the people listening to the same damn music, wearing the same clothes and overall just looking all the same. Guess that's why I stand out so much.

Medium hight, quite skinny and long blond hair, you'd kinda expect someone like me to fit in right? Well you've got it wrong. I transferred to London's top high school when I moved to England from the US and regretted it ever since.

My parents work in the theatre industry so they dragged me here, leaving my friends, my boyfriend and my old school behind. What a waste. Over there I was always with the cool kids, having fun, going to the beach and the parties... God, they were always so fun! Over here it's tea and scones that looks like a good time. Well maybe not but I haven't made enough friends to be invited to one of their "parties". 

At school I'm "New Girl", always invisible. Nobody pays much attention to me. Sometimes I actually like it, but I'm usually really lonely. Not one guys has noticed me yet. Not one. What the hell?! Anyways it's not like anyone of them is cute so, who cares... I do! I wish Jake from 16 Candles would wait for me in front of a church, I want John Bender from The Breakfast Club trusting his fist in the air because he knows he got me. But no, my life was not directed by John Hughes.

Oh and did I forget to mention, the "oh-so-famous" boy band One Direction decided to attend my school. They took a break from their North American tour to work on their studies. As if! I don't get them, they get to leave high school to make music and the first thing they do is come back?! Even so, 1D's music isn't terrible, but I would be caught dead admitting that to anyone.

Everything was fine until that night...

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