Truth or Dare

How about a friendly game of Truth or Dare, hum? How about you go first...
So what is it going to be, truth or dare?


8. 6



Violet's POV


I look at the boys, completely speechless. Nobody was looking at me, they all felt guilty. Not even one said it was ridiculous to ask me that. A valuable lesson: boys are all the same. 


"B-but..." I started to say, but I lost the capacity to speak.

"Violet...look it's just a game..." Liam, the one I thought was the sweet one, said.


I felt tears starting to form in the corner of my eyes, but I swallowed them back in. No, they weren't going to get the best of me. I plastered a fake smile and winked at them.


"Don't sweat it, it's really no big deal." I said walking closer to Liam, my face inching his. I felt his breath becoming faster and his face flushing. I smirked.

"God you're so hot..." Liam said breathless.

"Haha Violet keep those moves for the bedroom, because you know I'm going to win baby." Peter says taking me by the waist, which startled Liam who shrugged. 

"Yeah watever, I'm going to have some fun before my sacrifice..." I walked away feeling more and more alone in this room full of crazed teens.


I went to the barman and order some shots. One by one, the burning liquid made my whole body shake but the pain felt too good to stop. I saw a familiar boy sit next to me, his eyes sweet. He started to talk to me but the words didn't reach my ears. I was to concentrated on his face to listen. The way he spoke, his eyes looking straight at if we've known each other forever. That's when it clicked.


"Zach..." I whispered, tears in my eyes.

"Violet, Violet... how I've longed to hear those words coming out of you're mouth." Zach said tears started to stream down his face.

"Oh god... how is this even possible, I though you were.." I said not even able to contain my feelings, but Zach cut me.

"Dead? Yeah, I did too." He says as he gives me a warm embrace.

"God I missed you." Loosing it completely, tears falling uncontrollably.

"I love you Violet." Zach says, not even blinking with ought, even after all this time.

"Zach I..." I couldn't say it, I don't even know why.


Fix You, by Coldplay was playing as the couples slow danced. Zach took my hands and brought me to the center of the dance floor. I smiled shyly, something I didn't do, ever. I put my head on his shoulder and he sang the lyrics of the song slowly in my ears. Each word was relief but quickly turned to guilt. How could he be alive, I saw his body... No, just enjoy the moment. The boys were looking at me, in a way I couldn't even describe. 




"Come on Violet! We need to go!" Zach yelled at me playfully.

"Oh shut up I'm almost done." I said smiling to myself.


I backed up to see my masterpiece. The graffiti was beautiful, it said: I see you in everyone. Very simple, but it meant so much to me. Zach, the first guy I've ever loved. It was complicated, yes, we both knew. We were a danger to each other but we couldn't keep our distances.


"What does it mean?" Zach asked me, kissing me lightly on the cheek.

"Come on, you know I don't like to be mushy..." I said blushing.

"Violet, no need to be like that, you know I love you. How's that for mushy?" He pushed me lightly, as if he were joking, but we both knew he was deadly serious.


I backed up a little, thinking about Kyle. How could I keep doing this to him. All he ever did was make me feel safe, but I needed passion, adrenaline.  Speaking of him, my cellphone rang. My heart was beating fast, I didn't want to lie... 


"Violet...?" He sounded wounded, a pang of guilt hit me hard.

"Kyle...I..." I started loosing my words.

"Come home, please, I don't know want I did..." He said, I though I almost heard tears.

"Who are you talking to Vi?" Zach asked me. He didn't know it was Kyle.

"Who's that." Kyle asked with a voice full of rage. I turned to Zach and told to stop talking, not loud enough for my ex to hear.

"It's a friend Kyle..." I wanted to explain myself, but something was telling me to stop talking.

"A FRIEND?! WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?" He was now screaming, his voice dripping with jealousy.

"Kyle...please stop." Tears were now forming in my eyes, my visions becoming blurry.

"You're mine." I was sobbing, something very rare for me. Zach took the phone, boiling with rage.

"Listen you asshole, she's better off without you." Zach responded to Kyle and then hung up.


​I was crying, my body was out of control. I couldn't believe myself. What kind of person does what I did. We walked on the beach, people playing by the fire Skinny Love by Bon Iver. The moon was perfectly round and the salty air calmed me. We laid down, the faint sound of the music made it seem magical, like in a movie. We watched the waves as they crashed ever so slightly on the shore.


"I love you...I love you..." Zach whispered in my ear.

"Hold me...never let me go." I said, clinging to his shirt.

"Never, we are forever." He said as he cupped my face and kissed me, not a rough one as he usually does, but a sweet kiss, every bit of his love sinking into my pores.


He laid me down on the soft sand and continued to kiss me. My hands were searching on his body. Why did I feel so empty... His lips lowered to my neck and sucked lightly like honeysuckle. I took his shirt of, his strong body pressing me hard, lust filled my brain.


"I want to..." I said, my eyes glimmering in the darkness.

"But are you sure..." He started to say but I cut him with a deep kiss.


He took my shirt of, and my body tingled in the light summer brise of the night. He kept on whipering in my ear: "I love you...I love you...". Tears formed in my eyes but I smiled sweetly. He kissed away my tears and entwine our fingers. 


It wasn't my first time, but he didn't know that. It didn't feel right. I thought of Kyle, how was he feeling right know... I remembered how he looked at me, as though no one else existed. When he was done, he laid down next to me and held me tight.


"Are you okay?" He asked me, exhausted.

"Yeah..." My voice was a little hesitant.

"Violet..I-I" He started to say but then his eyes grew big.

A gunshot.


*End Flashback*


"We are forever" Zach whispered in my ear.



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