Truth or Dare

How about a friendly game of Truth or Dare, hum? How about you go first...
So what is it going to be, truth or dare?


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Violet's POV


I looked at all the boys and took a sip of my Peach Schnapps and licked my lips. Louis was starring at me so I winked at him, loving the idea of a little dangerous fun. Alex saw my discret action and frowned, turning to the boys. The stars seemed to whisper at each other, I envied them. Away from all the shit. 


"Well well, who wants the first dare." Alex asked taking the sloshing liquid from me.

"What about truth?" Harry pipped in.

"Truth are for twats." Peter answered, sipping on the peach alcohol.

"I'll go." Louis said, smirking, and looking straight at me.

"Hum...that's the spirit mate." Peter nearly screamed.

"Who asks?" I demanded to Alex, with a glimmer in my eye.

"How about you? I think little sailor boy would appreciate that." He answered, referring to Louis adorable outfit.

"Alright, alright..." I said, my ideas all blurry.

"Something funny." Zayn laugh, finally into the game.

"You have to, pole dance in front of all the party. Sober." I said, winking at him.

"Ouuuh! I like the way you play." Alex said, putting his hands around my waist.

"B-but..." Louis started to say, blushing.

​"Don't worry, I think you'll look so freaking hot, you'll kill the whole female population." I cut in, slurring on my words.


​Louis face beamed up, becoming even redder than before, this time with a big smile on his face. He stripped down to his boxer, all the boys and girls going "Ouhhhh", "that ass..". I loved this, the rush of adrenaline, pulsing in my veins. Fresh Off The Grill, by Dan Farber was playing loudly in the whole house, girls grinding with their boyfriend but clearly eyeing Louis, who was dancing like a pro. I put my hands in the air, moving to the rhythm of the music, my hips moving to the lyrics. My hair was a little messy, just the way I liked it, you could see the party coming alive and the bar getting filled, people wanting to escape their stupid and boring reality to plunge into the glamorous life of famous and young teenagers. The lights were low and the night was young. 


Louis came back, only wearing jeans and sweat pearling on his rippled chest. Eleanor was kissing a stranger, watching every move he made. She looked like a jealous girl, but also a helpless little girl with the handsome boy nearly eating her face. Louis was laughing, until he turned around to see the shocking scene. I thought i saw a beginning of a tear, but it disappeared as fast as it appeared. Peter fist bumped him, this showed that Lou got his respect. Alex gave him a light tap on the shoulder and passed him the rest of the Peach Schnapps. For his prize, I gave him a light kiss on the neck. I regretted it immediately, seeing the look on his girlfriends face. I turned around to face Louis face. He mouthed: " I don't care about her, only you.". I quickly moved away but his grip was strong and his eyes pleading for more.


"My turn!" Harry said eagerly.

"You need to do a dare first." I said touching his cheek softly.

"She's right, and I know just the thing..." Peter said while opening his palm revealing a little white pill with a little red heart on it. Harry looked very unsure but took it in his hand.

"I'll help..." I said as I took the pill in my hand and put it in my mouth.

"Hey...what..." Harry started but I cut him of by kissing him passionately.


I felt the pill starting to do it's affect, my brain exploding with ecstasy. Harry's eyes were wide but he kept on kissing me. I felt so good, he was incredible. I put my fingers in his hair, savouring the moment. The people and the music slowed down, just like in the movies and I felt infinite. Harry pulled me closer, our bodies intwined and our fingers exploring every part we could feel. I moved my mouth down to his neck and he moaned.


"Violet...Violet...Violet" He whispered so I pulled away to look at him in the eyes.

"I know." ​I answered but then I saw his pupils, dilated.


It brought me back to where I was so I pushed him away. I didn't want to remember my past. Zach... No. Stop, don't remember. STOP.  I needed something, I need pleasure, not pain. Not the ache of my past haunting me. A tall muscular boy past by me with a bottle of Jack Daniels, so I took it from him and drank half of the burning liquid. I nearly chocked but my thoughts became mixed and woozy so I smiled. The darkness was gone, for now. The boys all looked at me with awe so I snapped my fingers in front of their faces.


"Youhou! We have a game to play." I said startling them.

"Right." Alex said, still amazed at my confidence. I didn't care, I wanted to feel numb.

"Someone ask me a dare already." I said impatiently.

"You sure beautiful?" Liam asked, little worried.

"More then ever, ask." I said while looking at Peter and Alex, still a little skeptical. So I put my middle finger close to my mouth and sucked it lightly, but not to obvious. 

"Alright...Peter you have the honour." Alex said licking his lips in anticipation.

​"You have to experiment with each one of us, and at the end of the night have sex with only one boy." He said coming closer, and closer, pointing his finger at all the boys from One Direction, including him and Peter.


Oh gosh. What have I gotten into.

Stupid girl.



HEY! Author here! Short chapter but it's kind of like an introduction to the best part so I'll update as soon as I can! Give me a like if you want to know more about Violet's past!!!











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