Truth or Dare

How about a friendly game of Truth or Dare, hum? How about you go first...
So what is it going to be, truth or dare?


5. 4



Niall's POV


Damn that girl is perfect. We walk into the party and every guy freezes. It's like as if they've only seen for the first time so I move a little closer to Violet and take her by the waist. She turns around a let's out a little laugh. Now every girl is staring, silently judging her, even if the nothing they could say against her. I turn around looking at our house completely transformed for a crazy party, but nobody's dancing. I feel someone pull a little on my black sweatshirt and I turn around to see Vi smiling at me.


"What?" I ask while mailing softly selling little crack on the sides of my eyes.

"Let's dance!" She says jumping around.

"But...nobody's dancing..." I say hesitantly.

"So?" She responds with a robot voice while laughing.

"Well..." I say not knowing what to say back with a pouty face.

"Comme on Niall! These are just a few people that you won't probably remember in your life." She says smiling revealing her perfect white teeth.


She drags me to the middle of the dance floor, my face turning slightly pink. She looks up at me under her long black lashes. Black Widow by Iggy Azalea was bursting in my ears drowning me with the bass. Violet starts to roll her elbows and chest so I come near her, our faces slightly parted. Everyone was looking at us but I didn't care anymore because she was so close to me. She puts her arms around my neck, her movements becoming more deep and intense. I look around and see all the football players checking her out, mostly Peter, the player of the school. His lips in a sly smile, drinking his beer, his pose perfectly angled. I couldn't help but tense up when I saw that. Violet's hand were moving down on my body and my head shot back by surprise. Peter turns around to his friend, Alex the school stoner, and whispers something in his ear never breaking his stare on Violet. 


"Niall..." Violet whispers in my ear. My head turns to her.

"Yes?" I say in a nervous voice.

"Wanna get a drink?" She asks me.

"Huh? Yeah sure but..." I start to say but she cuts me.

"You look...tense." She says moving back slightly.

"No! I mean no...Violet I'm not it's just that..." I start to say.

"What Niall?" She asks, her hands cupping my face.

"I'm dancing with the prettiest, finest, nicest girl I've ever met, I'm just assuming it's not going to last..." I say.

"Niall, come on have some fun!" She says trying to get passed the subject as fast as possible.

"Violet I really like you." I say as I stop to dance looking at her straight in her eyes. She pauses, startled and walks away.

"I need to get some air." She exclaims.


I put my hands on my mouth and sigh. Why is she playing with me? Maybe she's not interested... No! I felt the connection, it wasn't just me. Harry and the other guys come to me, pushing the people grinding on the dance floor.


"Damn, lucky bastard." Zayn shouts, punching my arm.

"How hot can a girl possibly be..." Harry sighs, looking at her going out the door.

"Why'd you scare her off?" Louis asks while the song changes for Maneater by Nelly Furtado.

"I-I...ugh...said that I liked her." I answer while I look at the ground.

"Haha! You blew it!" Liam screams, clearly drunk.

"Watever, you don't know that for sure." I whisper, loud enough for only them to hear.


While we were all arguing, none of us had seen Alex sneaking out the door where Violet went.


Violet's POV


Omg that bastard... Who goes around saying that. I need a cigarette... As I walked outside, feeling the nice cool air and the dark sky, I almost felt calmer. The beat from the music pumped my blood, my senses alive. I prefer being alone, it makes me feel more concentrated, let's say when people came, I became someone else.  


"Hey gorgeous, what are you doing all alone in the dark..." A tall black haired guy with piercing grey eyes said to me.


​I took a puff of my ciggy and look at him straight at his face, exhaled still tasting the sweet tobacco on my lips so I licked them for effect. As I thought, it worked perfectly. The tall handsome stranger looked uneasy by my confidence.


"I'm taking a time out, I was a bad girl." I said winking slowly my right eye.

"I can see that darling, do you think you could pass me one?" He said inching closer and lightly touching my hand that was holding my cigarette.


Not bad, it almost made me want to kiss him, but I was going to win. I took one out of my Philip Morris pack. We made eye contact and I saw another guy come out from the front door. Oh please, don't be Niall, I thought. As the other one came closer I saw that I did know him, by the number of people who always talked about him. His name was Peter and had light honey hair, messed perfectly with romantic grey and green eyes that would glimmer with mischief and his perfect bone structure. 


"Hey Alex, fancy seeing you here, who's she?" He asked the hot black haired guy, not once leaving my eyes.

"Violet, my name is Violet. And you boys are?" I answered with another question, even if I already knew the answer.

"You don't know who we are?" Alex asked, with a surprised look plastered on his model face.

"Not a clue." I said bluntly, grinning at them and inhaling old fashioned way.

"Well I'm Peter, the one and only." Peter said while trying to kiss my hand but a slowly pulled it away and he looked at me playfully, accepting the challenge.

"And I'm Alex and since I see that we will all be very good friends, how about a token of my appreciation." Alex said while taking out of his pocket a joint and looking at me to see if I was going to take it.

"Why thank you, such a gentlemen." I took it and threw away my finished cigarette and put the joint of cannabis in my mouth and putting my forest green BIC lighter close to my face and inhaled.


Wow, that was some high quality. Alex passed one to Peter and took one for himself. I liked theses guys, they were fun. It reminded me of my friends from back home. When I was half way, my senses left me, leaving only a calm and horny feeling lingering.  Alex took my arm very gently and looked at my lips.


"Violet, what about a game of truth or dare?" He asked me with a husky voice.

"We're not enough..." I protested but regretted it immediately. 


At that exact all the One Direction boys came out and looked at me strangely.


"Violet what are you doing?!" Liam nearly screamed at me.

"Oh my god, calm down mom." I said laughing at my joke lightly as did Peter and Alex.

"Come with us." Louis said with a deep, dark voice and taking my hand hard.

"Ow, let go Lou, I'm fine for christ sake."  I whispered.

"You heard the lady, let go." Peter said his eyes turning nearly black, scaring the shit out of me.

"Not a chance." Harry answered his fists tight.

"You know how we're all going to deal with this, hum, a game of truth or dare." Alex said with a glimpse of trouble on the corner of his mouth, smiling at me and I returned that with a wink. 


Niall, who had obviously seen that, almost jumped but Zayn held him back. I smiled and arched one eyebrow. This was going to be fun.


"Fine, let the game begin." Niall screamed.




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