Truth or Dare

How about a friendly game of Truth or Dare, hum? How about you go first...
So what is it going to be, truth or dare?


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Violet's POV


Someone call 911! I have no clothes. 

Today was the day Niall would bring to my very first english party and I had no idea what to wear. Arggggg. i had no idea what to do, then I remembered that I had Louis phone number on my cellphone. After an hour of trying to find excuses not to call him, I finally did.




"Hello?" Louis answered with a rather sleepy voice.

"Hi Louis! It's Violet." I said with a voice that might have sounded a little more stressed than I wanted.

"Oh! Hey! What's up?" Louis sounded way more awake now.

"Um...Louis, what do I wear for your party. I seriously don't have a clue." I answered, my face was burning up.

"Oh! Hahaha! Just wear the casualest thing you own and you'll be fine!" He said with a husky tone in his voice.

"Haha if it's just that then I'll be fine. Thank you so much Louis!" I nearly screamed.

"Calm me Lou, and love?" He asked.

"Yes?" I asked, still chocked that he called me "love".

"Don't try to make me jealous tonight." I could even hear his wink...

"What?" I said stunned.

"See you tonight love." He said while hanging up.


What?! Oh well... No time to think about that. I better get ready!

After thirty minutes or so, I found the perfect casual outfit :


While I waited for Niall I descided to play my guitar a little on the porch. When my fingertips started to brush the chords, I knew I was gone. This happened every time I played my instrument. I was beltings the words from " Riptide", not even caring if anyone could hear. As a matter of fact someone was listening. Niall. I didn't even notice him. He looked at me with fascination and I smirked.


"Hey hot stuff." I say smiling at him.

"Hey beautiful. You're ready?" He asks me.

"Yeah, let's go." I answer.


The car ride was very awkward but we talked about school, random people we both disliked and listen to One Direction's new album.


"How come you guys write pop music when you like rock?" I ask.

"Well Simon said that you need to please the public so..." He starts to say.

"Simon says, Simon says... Write what you love, oh and by the way nice voice" I add with a wink and a smile.

"Thanks and you too!" He says blushing.


We ride for about 10 minutes when I start to get really stressed for the party.


"Do you mind..." I ask while showing my Malboro cigarette pack.

"No not all." He says not even looking at me.


Usually it doesn't bother me when people don't like that I smoke, because hey, we're all going to die anyways. With Niall, I don't know, I felt less confident and that really pissed me off.


"Want a light?" He asks me.

"Yeah sure, if you really don't mind..." I says while my eyes look at my feet, doing my best not to see the look on his face.

"I don't, I really don't. Well in that case, can you pass me one?" He asks me while blushing a little.

"Sure let's stop here." I say while showing a little road where it looked like nobody would pass.


He drives there and then I give him one. His hands trembled a lot, so I held them for a second. Niall looked me in the eyes and blushed to a blood red shade going from his cheeks to his ears. I laughter, seeing his cute face. He was so innocent and beautiful...


On the radio, one of my favourite songs was playing, Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons. My head was moving slowly back and forth with the mysterious rhythm and Niall looked at me with amazement.


"You want a light?" I ask him with a slow and steady voice.

"What?!" He says his eyes looking at his cigarette.

"Look haha." I say laughing a little.


I put the cigarette in my mouth bringing my lighter close to my mouth. The flame would always hypnotize me. I inhale and hold it in for a few seconds, letting all of my senses fade away. I didn't notice that he was getting closer.


"Wow..." He says in a close whisper.

"You've never done this?" I ask him trying to hide my bluntness.

"NO! I mean yeah! I mean no... not really." He says his eyes looking out the window.

"Really?" I ask my eyes blinking.

"Please haha don't laugh." He says with a forced laugh.

"No... I actually really do respect that Niall, I'm not like that." I say, feeling a little hurt he would think that of me.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean that." Niall says king of surprised.

"Don't worry about it." I say.

"Would you?" He asks while showing me my lighter.

"Yeah sure..." I say very straight, neutral, not a hint of emotion.


He takes a whiff of the smoke coming out and does a face that makes me laugh. We stay for a while dancing a little then Niall drives out hits the pedal hard. A rush of adrenaline makes me scream of joy. Since he had a convertible, I got up and Niall put the music loud so my head pumps with the drum. 


"OMGGGGG!! Niall this is amazing!" I scream waving my arms in the air.

"WOUHOU!" Niall screams over the music.


Everyone snaps pics and an hour later, my phone is ringing like crazy with the insult that girls are sending. I turn the sound of so that I can concentrate on the wind blowing through my hair making me tingly. 


As we get closer to the party, we can hear Bad Girls by MIA, so I sit down next to Niall, my hair all messy and my heart pounding.


"You look beautiful..." Niall starts to compliment me.

"Oh shut up haha!" I say laughing my heart out.

"No really..." He says inching his face closer and closer.

"Ni-Niall...?" I ask while his eyes are closing slowly, ready to kiss me.

"Yes?..." He whispers through his nearly closed lips.

"We're here." I say while I jump out the car, laughing.



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