Truth or Dare

How about a friendly game of Truth or Dare, hum? How about you go first...
So what is it going to be, truth or dare?


3. 2


Violet's POV


Omg, what just happened... Did Louis Tomlinson just talk to me?! Ok,ok Vi keep calm.  As I walk to my black convertible Jeep, Harry Styles comes toward me. One feet in front of the other, he looked like a model. Seriously how is it possible to be as hot but still kinda hum...  look like a jerk. Harry was wearing a plaid blouse and an old Sonic Youth band shirt completing the look with Dr Martens. Not bad for a pop singer, I thought.


"Hey, how's it going?" Harry asks me with a smirk across his perfect lips.

"Not bad, you?" I responded with a quick laugh.

"What's funny?" He asked in a serious voice.

"Oh nothing, it's that it's been two months that I've been in this school and it's now that people start talking to me, it's funny haha!" I said while I was blushing really fast. 

"Haha well it's about time right? Anyways I was just wondering..." Harry starts to say.

"Hey lads! What are you two talking about?" Zayn interrupts quickly.

"Well if you don't mind..." Harry starts saying again.

"Oh I don't. So Violet, I was wondering, about the party, are you going with someone?" Zayn asks me, his eyes full of hope.

"We have to have dates for a party?" I ask startled.


Oh no, I don't have a date. What will I look like when I enter without anyone with me. Oh god, I will look like a total louser. Why me?! Jesus, you are really getting on my nerves now. When it starts to get good, you have to make it all complicated for me right? Give me a break please! I was panicking when Zayn continues:


"Well do you?" He asks again.

​"Um... I'm working on it hehe..." I says with a completely awkward smile on my face.

"Anyone in mind?" Harry asks looking at Zayn with a stare that could kill. Although it didn't seem to even annoy him.

​"Um...not really..." Now I was completely red, I was certain of it.

"Why don't you go with me?" Niall jumped in to ask.


I was so confused, but I didn't want to come alone. Niall was cute, with his usual with T-shirt and washed out jeans. The thing I loved the most about him was his eyes. They were so blue, like an ice cold ocean, swirling in a storm. When his stare was burning me, waiting for an answer, I couldn't possibly says no. How could I say no to him.


"Yes, I would really like that!" I responded almost immediately with a huge smile on my face.

"Perfect..." Harry and Zayn mumbled.


I don't know why they looked so annoyed, probably because Niall had a date and not them. Who am I kidding they have dates for sure. Why would I even think that. I couldn't possibly be about me...? STOP, Vi you are so self-centred, why would it be about you.


"I'll pick you up at 7 p.m. is that fine with you?" Niall asks. He looked so happy, jumping up and down, almost like he was going to pee in his pants.

"Good! I can't wait! See you on saturday guys!" I said while getting in my car.


When the three boys had left, I let a little scream out! Finally, I got asked out. An not only to a party, but with one of the most popular guys in school! I was about to put my keys into the "engine starter" as I like to call it, when I saw 12 red roses on the left seat of my car. Who could it be from...? 


​"Can't wait to see you at the party! Hope that you'll let me have at least one dance with you :)




What in the world...?!




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