Truth or Dare

How about a friendly game of Truth or Dare, hum? How about you go first...
So what is it going to be, truth or dare?


2. 1


Niall's POV


"...I think that blond girls are way hotter than brunettes." Zayn admittes.

​"No way ! It's definitely brunettes." Harry says.


All the gang are all walking in the hall while Zayn and Harry check out girls. I usually just nod at everything they say so they won't ask me too much. I look at my textbooks and then Liam says: 


"Damn, I wouldn't mind what colour she has." Liam says while checking a girl out.


I turn to see what he is looking out. When I see her, I'm completely speechless. She had this golden halo with her hair gently swaying in the soft breeze and her eyes were green and sparkly. You know how guys are, always attracted to shinny stuff, kinda like trouts. I'm completely focused on my tough that I don't see Louis walking toward her.


"What the hell is he doing!?" I softly scream.

"I have no idea but he's got guts to talk to her..." Zayn whispers with a hint of jealousy.

​"No but seriously I'm going to kill him, it was my idea!" Harry mumbles.


​We all look at Louis talking to the mystery girl while he makes her laugh and smiles. The worst thing is to see him flirt and her to be so... into it. A few other girls come to talk to us but none of the guys look interested in their conversation. Eventually the wannabes just leave when they see Lisa and Roxanne. Not to be rude or anything but they really get on my nerves when they start talking gossip, that is almost all the time. Seriously, they are somewhat fake and sometimes I find myself asking why we are friends with them which follows always by "they're hot mate, just chill."

After what seems like an eternity, Louis comes back with a sly smile on his face.


"Oh god, mates she is so hot." Louis exclaims with a sigh.

"Um excuse me, but don't you have a girlfriend?" Liam questions, showing all his morality about relationships.

"She's old news, speaking about old, Violet likes old school music, just like me!" Louis almost screams with joy.

​"Her names Violet?" I ask kind of shyly.

​"Yes you dumbass, oh and by the way she's coming to our party this weekend. So lads you all better look your best because this man is clearly already better than you guys." He says with a laught.

"Yeah right as if you could beat MOI!" Harry sings in a high pitched voice.

"You wanna bet?" Louis screams as he crashes into Harry as they fake boxing moves at each other.

"Um, Louis, we don't have a party this weekend..." Zayn whispers.

"Really?" Louis mumbles with Harry fist at his mouth.

"Shit guys what are we going to do?" I says in a rushed voice.

"Calm down lads, I've already sent text to every girl and guy at school" Liam laughs at his own way of always being the most organized guy in the group.

"Ohhhh thank you daddy Direction!!!" Harry cries in a fake "damsel in distress" voice.

"Guess it's on like Donkey Kong lads." Louis whispers in a fake serious voice.





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