Unpredictable [Harry Styles]

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."


17. What's so special about being Danish?

I went to the bathroom one last time before Harry and I was supposed to leave the house. I wanted to look perfect, smell perfect, dress perfect and just be perfect. I was like this whenever I was around my friends in England, and I guess it was mostly because I was so scared of not being accepted but why was I so scared? They had already accepted me and they already loved me so much.

"Elena stop worrying you look great."

Harry smiled at me as I once again entered the bedroom and found the rest of my stuff.

"But what if I don't look good enough?"

I didn't think about who I was talking to, the guy was used to cameras, bad pictures, bad reputations and everything like that, so I was the last person to worry right now.

"I'm sorry..."

I looked back up at him and spoke a little like I had given up already.

"It's just... I get nervous... I wanna be perfect and I know I'm far from perfect. I just want everyone to like me, and now that I'm going to the concert with you guys I'm of course nervous. I've never been backstage like this before."

"There's nothing going on backstage, except for the fact that you get to speak with everyone behind the curtains. It's really nothing special dear."

"I know.. to me it just seems like a whole new world that I'm so desperately trying to become a part of. It's just harder than you think."

"I know what it's like. I was here once remember..."

"No I don't really to be honest."

"It was so weird in the beginning for me as well. People would be talking about you and everything like that. Just like it's starting for you now."

"It's been going on for a while, I'm just not some big celebrity."

"You might become. I can see it the way people are talking about you."

"The only reason that would be is because of you and your band. I'll not be some big celebrity because of something I've done or something I'm working for or for that matter standing for."

"It doesn't have to be like that."

"I know... it's just... ugh so frustrating. BTW I'm done. Let's get going."

He smiled at me and moved up close to me.

"We're not quite done yet."

He placed his arms around my waist and rested his forehead again mine. His hair was all over the place and a little messy but I loved it. It made some sort of little room only for us to see and it was magical in the moment we stood there. I stood up on the tip of my toes and bit his lower lip gentle. He smiled when he felt my teeth around his lip and supported me as I stood there, to make sure I wouldn't fall.

"You're really something special aren't you?"

I had just let go of his lip and he was looking down at me as I was back with my feet on the ground.

"I'm Danish, what did you expect?"

I smirked at him and laughed a little to myself before I went to find my shoes.

"So tell me... What is so special about being Danish."

"Hasn't Helene talked to you about that?"

"My vocal coach?"

"Yeah, she's Danish as well."

"I know that."

He smiled and me and followed me out the room.

"BTW how are we getting to Herning from here?"

"Don't worry I have it all sorted out. One of my mates lives around this area."

"Of course you have." 

We stepped outside to wait for Harry's friend to come around and pick us up after we had said goodbye to my parents. 


"So tell me Elena. What's so special about being Danish?" 


"I guess to me my nationality isn't special. I'm being called British anyway... But there's definitely something about being the foreign girl whenever you're around somewhere. It's a new world you step into, different culture, different accents, everything is actually different."   




"People treat you differently. Like when I've been to a meet up to meet someone they've been like 'oh but she flew over here'. I mean to me it's not a big deal but for a lot of people it is. I wanna break down the barriers where you can't travel to London just for a day because that's too weird. It should be as normal as so many other places. For some people in this country, taking the train to Copenhagen is more expensive than flying from Billund to London." 




"Yeah... It's mental. And I mean to me it's obvious. I'd much rather spend a day in London than have a day in Copenhagen..." 


"Who wouldn't. London's wonderful. Big city." 


"It's perfect." 


I smiled down at the ground just as a car stopped down on the street and a boy a little older than Harry and I stepped out of the car.    It's was time to get to the concert, and welcome myself to a new life. 


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