Unpredictable [Harry Styles]

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."


22. Take me to your hotel

We sat there backstage for long and to me it was a little infinity that passed on there in the room.

"So what's gonna happen now?"

We were all stood outside the venue and had just said goodbye to Hannah after she had gotten a billion pictures. I loved taking pictures and I loved Hannah but tonight I just wanted it to end.


Harry stood behind me and wanted me move a little away from the rest of the group to talk. He took my hand and led me a little away.

"What is it?"

I looked at him as he stood in front of me just like the day by London eye. It scared me but somehow calmed me down at the same time.

"I can't go with you home tonight Hannah..."


He didn't say anything he just stood there out of words and frozen.

"What is it Harry."

"I don't know how safe it will be taking you with me back to the hotel..."

I let go of him and looked at him as tears started appearing in my eyes.

"So it's goodbye here?"

"it's only for your safety. I promise."

"Screw my safety. I'm can't say goodbye. Not right now. How am I even going to get home?!"

"My friend is still here. He'll take you."

"Oh hell no Styles. I'm not getting into that car. I'm not driving in a car for 2 hours with someone I hate. There's a fine line of what's okay and what's not and this is the time where it's not ok."

"Elena I'm doing this to protect you. You have school tomorrow."

"I don't care about school. I don't wanna say goodbye to you. I'm gonna miss you."

He hugged me tight and kissed my forehead. It was a lovely feeling and I knew that he was crying or going to as well or at least I hoped so because the past 2 days I had had with him had been everything I ever wanted.

"I'm gonna miss you too princess. Come visit me soon."

"I'll come over as soon as I can. I need to see you again."

"I know baby."


Louis was yelling from where the rest of the boys stood together. He wanted us to come over but somehow I couldn't get myself to move. I guess it was because Harry had just told me that I'd need to say goodbye tonight and I wasn't ready for a goodbye.

Harry wrapped an arm around me and moved me  with him up to the rest of the boys.

"What's going on with Elena?"

Everyone was staring at me again.

"I told her that we needed to go back to the hotel but without her. For safety reasons."

"You really gonna do that to her Harry?"

Niall looked at Harry and then back to me.

"It's for everyone's safety. I can't sneak her in without anyone noticing."

"You might not be able to but I know someone who might."

"What's that suppsoed to mean?"

I looked at Niall and spoke for the first time since we had gone up to the rest of the boys.

"We'll get you into that hotel without being noticed. But you'll have to do it as well."

"Honestly everything is better than going home right now. So what's the plan."

Niall told his idea about how Harry's friend could take me to the hotel before the boys would get there and let me get in with him and he could go out the back and then the rest of the boys would meet me at the right floor. It seemed like a somewhat great idea but I'd still have to deal with Harry's friend who happened to be my school mate and a guy I didn't like very much because of the things he had said earlier.

"Will you be okay with Mark taking you to the hotel?"

"Sure... wait... Mark?"

"My friend from earlier."

"His name isn't Mark..."

"How do you know about that? I thought you didn't know him."

"He said he's in my class and we don't have a Mark in that class. Oh wait... I was thinking about his mate for a second. He is the right guy yeah... I thought his mate's name was Mark and he was Daniel."

"No Daniel is his friend..."


We stood there awkwardly for a while.

"What did he say in that car that made you so angry?"

"He said the only thing that had changed about me and the reason I had become the unknown and ghost at college was because I was fucking his friend but as he said.. I've done it before so even that hasn't changed."

I spoke in silent with Harry, we had moved a little away from the rest of the boys again as we were getting ready and Harry was calling his friend.

"So did you fool around with one of his friends before?"



"What did you expect? I'm 20 years old. Should I point out just some of the girls you've been fooling around with before me?"


"It's the same thing you know."

"I just thought with everything you've been through and all that, that you'd be more careful around guys."

"There's a reason I've become who I am Harry. That's why I am careful now."

"Of course..."

He called his friend after that but somehow I believe it was mostly to avoid our conversation. Soon after he was back and we stood with the rest of the boys as we waited for Mark to come and pick me up and take me to the hotel about a 30 minutes drive away.


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