Unpredictable [Harry Styles]

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."


14. midnight memories

“So how do you like my room?”

Harry and I had been sitting in there for a while and he had done nothing but look around the room. He seemed fascinated by it but at the same time he seemed a little out of himself. I guess it was strange for him being here as well.

“It’s different.”

“But what do you think?”

“It’s very you, at least it’s the very you that I know. I like it.”

“I’m glad.”

He turned around and looked at the wall just beside my bed where the pictures of him and I were hanging. I had at least 15 different pictures with him but I loved every single one of them. This wasn’t only the typical fan pictures; it was the pictures you’d take with your best friend. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have one of those around.

“Are these…?”

He trailed off looking fascinated at the pictures. It was like it was nothing he had ever seen before. I looked from the pictures to him, and he caught my look in the corner of his eyes.

“It’s every picture ever taken of the two of us. Whether it’s been from the news, magazines, paparazzi, websites, and other people’s cameras and so on. This is every single picture.”

“But you have them here, like I’d have pictures of my closest friends and me…”

“I don’t have those close friends Harry… I’m not a friend type of person. I’m better off alone.”

“Then why aren’t you staying away from me?”

“I can’t… I can’t stay away from you. Usually I get upset and annoyed around other people but with you it’s different. I can’t get enough of you, so every time a new picture was taken it would go up on the wall. Because you were the closest thing I actually ever felt like I had as a friend.”

He looked at me, then down at his folded hands, as he turned around towards me but he didn’t look up. He was a mess right now; he didn’t know what to say at all.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Because it doesn’t matter.”

“I could have been there for you Elena!”

“Don’t be mad Harry. What’s been going on in my life before I met you is not your fault.”

“I should have treated you right.”

“You’ve never treated me wrong baby! You’ve always been there for me.”

“Is that why you wanted this to be goodbye? Because you don’t know what it’s like to have friends and socialize?”

“It’s not about that at all, and I do know how to socialize, everything that’s been going on has just been scaring me and I don’t want to be scared. I don’t want to be scared to go online and I definitely don’t wanna be scared to go to school.”

“But you are?”

“How can I not be? I’ve been around you, now I’ve been on stage with you and I’ve been seen leaving the arena with you, so how can I not be scared to go online or for that matter go to school? People are really vile online Harry, and how they can manipulate someone is so out of what I’ve ever seen before. I’ve been bullied both offline and online and I don’t know what is worse. I just want it all to stop before it’s driving me crazy.”

He placed both of his hands around my head and looked directly into my eyes. It was a beautiful moment but I was nervous for what was about to come.

“I won’t let anyone drive you crazy. I promise.” He whispered before he placed a soft kiss over my lips.

When Harry leaned away from me I pulled him back in. I wasn’t done with this kissing thing he had started. Not now that I finally had him there. Not now that I had him there with me in my own house in my own room. This was the most amazing and most surreal thing that had ever happened to me, maybe apart from when Harry took me up on the stage tonight.

I lay down in my bed with him on top of me and continued the kissing he had started but I had forced him back to but that was only until someone knocked on the door and my mum stepped in with a bag.

“Harry, your friends left this for you.”

My mum looked at us suspiciously and then started talking to me in Danish for the first time in a long time.

“Elena do you care to explain?”

“What? I’m old enough to kiss a boy.”

“Just make the right choices.”

“Do we need to talk about this right now in a foreign language when I have friends over?”

“Just make the right choices darling.”

“Great. Thanks for taking his bag in, now if you’ll excuse us.”

My mum shook her head a little but she had a smile on her lips when she closed the door. My dad was a Mormon but he was chilled out about it. I wasn’t raised in a much different house, because my mum had left the Mormons but my dad was still a strong believer and we often helped him and respected it but I as a young adult needed my space and my own rules as I didn’t believe the same way he did.

“What was that about?”

“My place isn’t ordinary Harry. My family is a little different and just the fact that you’re here is actually amazing.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“My dad is a Mormon.”

“But the rest of the family is not?”

“As I said we’re out of the ordinary.”

“But how is that working?”

“We’re a family of respect and it’s important for us to respect each other no matter what it’s about. I’m allowed to drink whatever I want and I’m allowed to do whatever I want to do but when it comes to boys my dad gets  kinda crazy but you’re allowed to be here of course. Just expect a comment or two in the morning and your food will be blessed before you eat it of course.”

“This is so weird.”

“I always said I was different Styles.”

I smirked at him and lay back down in the bed.

“Come on we better get some sleep, it’s like 2 hours to Herning tomorrow and it’ll be hard to get there unnoticed.”

I lay in my bed as I undressed until I was only wearing my t-shirt and panties. Harry couldn’t stop staring at my body but I couldn’t help but stare at his either when he was soon lying there beside me only wearing his boxers.

I focused on his tattoos. I was impressed by the ink that had filled out his skin in the different patterns. It was truly beautiful.

“I love your tattoos.”

I kissed the butterfly on his stomach, and he giggled as I curled myself up beside him.

“I love your smile.”

I smiled again and looked at him as I rested my head on his arm. This was gonna be the most perfect night I could ever imagine and I was so happy that it was happening to someone like me. 

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