Unpredictable [Harry Styles]

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."


7. Journalists

Next thing I knew I was on the flight back to Denmark where I came from. I wasn’t sure whether or not why I left but I needed to go back to Denmark. People were asking questions on twitter and some were looking weird at me on the flight but I couldn’t take care of that right now. It was in the paper they had given out on the plane this morning. Everything that had happened the day before. It scared me and I didn’t really know if I should do something about it or not. I decided not to, it would be better for myself this way.

The trip all the way to my house was silent even though my parents asked about my trip, how I had been feeling and so on. I just didn’t want to answer them.

“Elena what happened over there?”

“It’s okay. I don’t wanna talk about it.”

We parked the car in front of the house and I took my bag from the seat beside me and walked in and up to my room. I locked the door behind me and stayed in there for a very long time.

The next morning my mum knocked on the door but I didn’t answer as I was sitting on the phone. The sound of my phone had awoken me only minutes before and I was confused when I saw the secret number on my phone. None of my Danish friends called me with no caller ID and none of my English friends did either.

“So what you’re trying to ask is?”

I spoke while picking my lip and sitting curled together in a ball of confusion on my bed and then looked at my mum. I guess she knew from the look on my face that I didn’t want her there at the moment.

“Elena I know you were there with the band, but what I want to know is why?”

“Does it really matter why I was there? I don’t wanna talk about it and my relationship with the band is not on anyone’s business.”

“I understand that. But how can a girl so far away meet the band of her dreams and become friends with one of them?”

“Again I will not answer your questions. I don’t know how you got my number or why you want to keep this conversation going when I have no idea what you are on about. Have a good day.”

I hung up and walked out into the kitchen like a ghost of myself.

“Good morning. Who were you talking to this early?”

“No one.”



“What’s going on with you?”

“It’s nothing okay. Can’t I just be really tired and exhausted?”

“This is not like you.”

“I don’t care okay! I don’t care if you think this is like me or not like me. I’m tired and I don’t want to talk okay? I’m not okay, no that’s clear to everyone but I’m not ready to talk about it and I don’t want to talk about it for a long time. This is me and this is what I’m like when I get confused, angry and sad at the same time okay? Good. Now please just leave me alone for a couple of hours so I can think.”

I rolled my eyes and went back into my room. My mum would be so angry with me but I couldn’t think about that right now I just wanted to get back to my bed.

I stayed in bed for another couple of hours until I heard my mum outside my room. She was clearly on her way in but she was talking which was very unlike her. Why would she be on the phone and come to my room. That didn’t make sense. She opened the door without knocking and looked at me out of herself and then handed me the phone. I didn’t ask I just took it and sank before I spoke.


“Hello, is this Helena Anderson?”

“Yes who’s speaking?”

“Hello Elena my name is Camilla, I’m from a magazine called Vi Unge, and we’ve for a while been told that you’ve been seen with no other than Harry Styles of One Direction. We were wondering if we could ask you a few questions.”

“Sorry I’m not interested.”

“It wold be really good for you as it would help the Danish fans understand what it’s like to be a friend of him.”

“We’re not friends.”

“Aren’t you @Elenababe on twitter? Because if so he’s said that you’re a friend of him, but are you telling me that there might be more?”

“Look, Harry and I go way back. We’ve met a few times and I’ve done him a few favours as well as he has done for me. That’s it. That’s everything you get. I’m not interested in becoming the new Danish thing that fucked up the British superstar. He’s a human and so am I and we happen to have talked together quite a few times. You’re making a big deal out of something that’s nothing. He’s not a friend of mine and we’re most certainly not dating.”

“Have you planned to meet up in 2 weeks when the band is in Denmark?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Have you ever been out with Harry alone?”

“I’m not gonna answer that.”

“What is he like?”

I stopped breathing the moment she asked the question because this didn’t seem too bad but at the same time it seemed so strange and I was so out of myself, I didn’t want to answer these things at all.

“I’m sorry I’ve got to go.”

“But Elena one last question.”

“I’m sorry.”

I hung up and gave my mum her phone back. She was still sitting inside my room and looked at me. She was waiting for me to explain myself. She knew I had met Harry before but she didn’t know it was on this level.

“I think you’ve got some explaining to do young lady.” 

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